Degree Plan and Roadmap

BS in Biomedical Sciences

The degree explores the application of powerful modern bioscience approaches such as molecular cell biology, molecular genetics and genomics, as well as anatomy, physiology, and neuroscience.  It is a preparatory degree for tomorrow’s health care professionals and leaders and thus prepares students for successful admission to professional schools in medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, physical therapy and physician assistant programs as well as graduate studies in biomedical sciences. 


1. Students will be able to demonstrate a substantial factual knowledge base and a critical understanding of the major concepts of biological systems and be able to relate them to human anatomy/physiology in health and disease.

2. Students will demonstrate sufficient knowledge and competence in writing and communication for success on standardized exams or employment.

3. Students will perform satisfactorily in standardized graduate examinations.

4. Students will be able to research a topic using standard electronic and non‐electronic methods.

5. Students will be able to communicate complex scientific ideas, concepts and theories by oral and written means.

6. Students will be able to explain prevailing ethical issues in the biomedical sciences.

7. Students will appreciate the role of research in the biological, biomedical, and clinical sciences.

8. Students will be able to design experiments, collect and analyze data and communicate their findings.

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Biomedical Sciences (BS) Roadmaps: