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BSA logoBiomedical Sciences Association 

The Biomedical Sciences Association (BSA) is a pre-health profession organization that provides students with the opportunities for professional development and networking in different areas of the health and biomedical sciences field to better prepare them for graduate and professional schools and successful careers.  BSA primarily focuses on providing professional development to its members by guiding their growth into well-rounded, professional, and active individuals through our informal “Coffee with the professional” gatherings, professional panels and workshop, and community engagement. In addition, BSA also promotes building relationships and a sense of community between the students, faculty and staff of the BMED program.

Dr. Hugo Rodriguez
Dr. Sue Anne Chew


President Adriana Cavazos
Vice President Juan Torres
Secretary Miguel Quintanilla
Treasurer Caleb Castillo
Public Relations Officer May-Hui Ding
Volunteer/Recruitment Chair Adriana Avila
Social Chair May-Hui Ding

For more information: 
Facebook: Biomedical Sciences Association at UTRGV

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Medical Brigades at UTRGV Brownsville

Medical Brigades is a global organization that seeks to provide free medical care to underrepresented communities located in Nicaragua, Panama and Honduras. Members shadow medical professionals, get clinical experience and learn from community members. 

President: Nitchelle Rodriguez
Vice President: Vanesa Cavazos 
Secretary: Maria Vaca 
Treasurer: Carina Calvillo 
Marketing Officer: Angelica Leal 
Advisers: Dr. Maria Castañeda and Dr. Hugo Rodriguez

Activities: Fundraising, training workshops, educational workshops for communities, “Charlas” in Brownsville.

Membership requirements: Biomedical sciences student, 3.0 GPA or higher.

For more information:

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Volunteers Around The World (VAW)

Our non-governmental organization is dedicated to provide free medication, and medical care to locals in Albania, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Panama, Peru, etc.

This organization will be of great help, as it will not only aid our BMED students gain necessary skills for their future but those who are in need. The goal is to raise the amount of money needed to cover all expenses and medications that will be taken to a third world country.

This Medical Outreach Program Abroad offers:

  • Hands-on Clinic Experience
  • Health Education Opportunities 
  • Experience other cultures
  • Gain Leadership skills & Community Service
  • Travel to Peru, Guatemala, Panama, Dominican Republic


Viviana Quintero - – President 
Priscilla Uresti - – Vice President
Veronica DeLeon - – Secretary
Amber Rodriguez - - Co-Secretary
Aylin Flores – – Events coordinator
Shanelle Flores - - Program Coordinator
Adrian Maldonado – – Fundraising Chair
Edgar Capistran -  - Treasurer
Natalia Davila – Natalia.Davila01@utrtv.ecu – Public Relations


Tammy Munoz –
Rosalinda Garza –

For more information:
VAW information flyer
VAW application

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Live to Serve (L2S)

The mission of Live to Serve (L2S) is to provide the residents at The Rio at Fox Hollow nursing home with a supportive and caring environment to make them feel more at home. At L2S, we hold the sole purpose of sharing our time and friendship with the residents, whether it be to play games, exchange heartfelt stories, or listen to their concerns. Furthermore, we wish to remind the residents that they are not forgotten, and that they are still a valued member of our community. We owe it to them as a community to lend a helping hand. Additionally, given that the majority of L2S members are pre-health professional students, this is seen as a phenomenal learning opportunity to understand the intricacies of geriatric care. There is an abundance of knowledge that could be gained by observing the staff and their daily interactions with the residents. The volunteers serve as an extension of the values that Live to Serve strives to embody, such as selflessness, compassion, and dedication, all of which are vital in the development of medical professionalism. As an organization, we look forward to establishing new relationships and forming new friendships with those we are fortunate enough to meet and serve. 

Currently, Live to Serve members attend in groups of three for 2-hour shifts, each during specified times throughout the week, Monday through Friday. Within these groups that attend at different times, there is an assigned group leader whose task is to relay any information that the nursing home would have for L2S officers, keep track of member attendance, and lead in effective time usage and participation of all members volunteering.

Dr. Hugo Rodriguez

If you are interested in becoming a L2S member, please email Emily Jordan for more information.

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Tutor for All

Tutor for All, or T4A, was created to serve the youth that attend the Proyecto Juan Diego Tutorial Program in Cameron Park. The mission of this organization is to instill a passion for learning within the students, in hopes that they will eventually achieve their full academic potential. Whether it is helping with homework, conducting outdoor activities, or simply listening and advising them, we, at T4A, strive to empower and set a good example for these children. By being a member of T4A, members can directly impact a child's life. T4A provides members with hands-on-experience in communicating effectively with children by tutoring them in various subjects, such as math, science, and reading. Overall, we hope to be of service to those at Proyecto Juan Diego in order to motivate the students to improve and provide our members with an enriching experience.

Currently, T4A members go to the tutoring center weekly in groups of three from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm on a designated day.

For more information on becoming a member email:

President - Omar Benavides (

Vice President - Delilah Moreno (

Vice President - Joe Sanchez (

Dr. Hugo Rodriguez

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Project SMILE

Our mission statement:
Project smile is a mission trip organization that is devoted to provide medical outreach to populations in underdeveloped areas throughout the Rio Grande Valley. Members will receive exposure to a variety of experiences and volunteering opportunities in order to intensify their comprehension of the medical field and focus on acts of service. Accessibility to the community creates awareness for the need of relief and with the primary focus in the RGV, the organization will have the opportunity to provide several medical camps throughout the year and engage with the community through educational resources to bring quality health care and education to people in the valley. Project Smile is dedicated to promote ethical medical care alongside physicians and other medical professionals, and provide a variety of experiences to members looking to become future community leaders.


Andrea Bustos – President 
Daphne Alaca Zuniga – Vice President
Wendy Antonio – Secretary
Ceilhy Garcia  - Treasurer
Ashley Benavides - Historian
Maria Rose Gonzalez - Historian
Adrian Maldonado– Public Relations
Michaela Gatan - Ambassador


Tammy Munoz –
Dr. Maria Castaneda -

For more information: 

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Vaquero Pre-Pharmacy Association

The goals of the Pre-Pharmacy Association are:

  1. Promote student pre-pharmacy organization for mutual membership benefits;
  2. Support and actively participate in all projects advancing the profession of pharmacy;
  3. Instill in members a deep and lasting pride in pharmacy as a profession;
  4. Make pre-pharmacy information available to interested students to encourage and support their pursuits into these areas;
  5. Promote closer relationships between pharmacists and other public healthcare providers;
  6. Foster interest and activities between faculty and pre-pharmacy students.


Therese Baldado - Advisor

For more information:

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