BMED Scholars Program

The Department of Health and Biomedical Sciences (BMED) Scholars program is designed to give the participating students strong academic support and learning opportunities in order to increase the preparedness of these students for diverse career paths in the Health and Biomedical sciences fields. A multi-pronged approach consisting of cohort building, academic support, professional development, service learning, mentoring, research opportunities, and clinical experiences will be used to increase the professional preparation of the members of the program.

The BMED Scholars Program is intended to provide Scholars with meaningful health care experiences and to strengthen their overall understanding of the Health and Biomedical Sciences. Through a unique educational experience, the BMED Program will prepare its students to develop strong leadership potential and a commitment to community service, to be future leaders in their chosen field of study. BMED Scholars program is offered at the Brownsville Campus


BMED Scholars Program Mission Statement

The Department of Health and Biomedical Sciences (BMED) Scholars program mission is to provide accessible and affordable pre-health professional education of high quality that will meet regional and national needs through a vibrant program of training to prepare students for successful completion of graduate/medical school. The program will provide an innovative and rigorous curriculum, emphasizing new pedagogies and mentoring, designed to integrate academic and clinical experiences through all years of training.  It will support access for a diverse population through multiple entry and exit points to promote efficiency in the education of future health professionals.


The objectives of the program include:
  1. Increase the professional preparation and awareness of diverse Health professions.
  2. Enhance scholar’s leadership by developing relationships with mentors who will foster on-going leadership development.
  3. Adapt and evaluate an innovative combinations of supporting strategies for students in the BMED program.
  4. Advise, encourage, and groom their students to pursue undergraduate research and clinical opportunities, internships, and enriching community service activities.


Eligibility for the BMED Scholars Program

Students admitted to the BMED program with an outstanding performance during the first year (Including GPA above 3.5) will be invited by the BMED Scholars Admission Committee for an interview at the end of Fall/Beginning of Spring. The BMED Scholars Admission Committee will select the  candidates, and the admitted students will be notified by e-mail about their acceptance.

Important points for consideration about BMED Scholars program:

  • Enrollment /Acceptance in the BMED Scholars will be very competitive. Up to 25 students will be accepted to the program.
  • During the BMED Scholars program, including the summer breaks, it is strongly recommended that students NOT be employed full time since they will be expected to participate in numerous academic and professional activities in addition to their coursework.
  • BMED Scholars will be required to maintain a GPA of 3.5 at all times. If GPA decreases below 3.5 scholars will be on probation and if not rectified, students will be moved out of the BMED Scholars program.
  • Students admitted to the BMED program with an outstanding performance during the first year (Including GPA above 3.5) who would like to join the BMED Scholars Program can request their petition to the Admission Committee during the Spring semester of their freshmen year.
  • This program is offered at the Brownsville Campus

Dr. Hugo Rodriguez
BMED Scholars Program Director
Office: BBRHB 1.124
Phone: 956-882-5046