All BMED students should be aware that the reason we advise taking Chem I first semester, followed by Chem II and then O. Chem I and II as per the roadmaps is because these Chemistry courses are critical to doing well in the BMED coursework. So, please do NOT delay taking your Chemistry coursework-they should go hand in hand with the BMED coursework. Postponing taking them delays graduation plans as well as performance in the BMED program and standardized exams for professional schools.

Fall 2018 Registration Instructions:

  • If you have registration blocks/ holds (could be advising, financial, immunization record or for other reasons)-be sure to get that cleared ASAP at U Central (The Tower in Main).  You will not be allowed to self-register if you have a block/hold.  Do not panic, though, as registration will remain open through the spring and summer.
  • You should refer to the recommended lists of non-BMED classes, course sequencing roadmap, etc at this link. Use that, along with any advice you may have received from an academic advisor, to guide you.
  • All of the BMED-specific courses below are marked with a “BR” within the section number.  This is an easy way to identify the courses that are specific to this program.
  • Should you need assistance or if you run into issues after today. Contact us via email.
  • Below, is the list of BMED-specific courses that you should self-register for Fall 2018.  Please follow the steps below to select your courses.
  • BMED Sections/courses are designed for specific Cohorts/tracks. Make sure you have the correct registration instructions based on your current track/cohort. You will only be able to self-register for the classes/section listed on this document.
  • If you need additional classes than those listed here, please come by the BMED office to make an appointment to meet with Dr. Nair.
  • Ensure you are registered for enough credit hours to meet your financial aid or scholarship requirements.
  • If registering for more than 18 credit hours you will need to submit an Over-Hour Petition Form. Access form and instructions or visit our website under student resources.
    • Please note that it may take up to 10 business days for this request to be processed.  Deadline to accept over hour credit petitions is Monday, August 13, 2018.


Registration Instructions by Cohort/Track


Please note that Jan 15th is MLK holiday. If you have not followed up, and completed your overload petitions, taken care of your blocks and class conflicts and registration requests by Jan 16th, we will not guarantee that you will be registered in BMED classes for SP2018. Any requests/changes beyond Jan 16th are at risk for not meeting Registrar’s deadline.

The Last day to add/drop classes for Spring is Friday, January 19.
For more information on academic deadlines see: UTRGV Academic Calendar