Funding Agency: National Institute of Health (NIH) Support of Competitive Research (SCORE) Research Continuance Award (SC3)
Collaborators: Dr. Shizue Mito, Dr. Saraswathy Nair and Dr. Kristina Vatcheva from UTRGV and Dr. Bin He from Houston Methodist
Period: 03/16/2020 to 02/29/2024
Total costs: $435,900
Project title: Local dual delivery of a chemotherapy and an anti-angiogenic agent from an injectable functionalized biodegradable biomaterial system for the treatment of glioma


Funding Agency: SSA Foundation
PI: Dr. Jameela Banu
Title: Effects of Salvia hispanica on gene expression in MC3T3 cells.
Role: Undergraduate Mentor
Period: July 2019 – May 2020
Total Costs: $6,000.00 – Funded




  1. HHMI Inclusive Excellence award of $1 million (2017-2022) (PD: S. Nair)


  1. R15 (NIH) $432,729 (2018-2021) award to Upal Roy (PI): Nanodiamond based anti-HIV drug delivery targeted towards the brain (Co-investigators: Drs. Shizue Mito and Vadym Drozd)


  1. Travel grant to Upal Roy from Howard Hughes Medical Institute to attend a Short Course on the Genetics of Addiction September 16-21, 2018 at The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine.


  1. The 2018 American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) Minority and Minority-Serving Institution Faculty Scholar Award in Cancer Research – Sue Anne Chew ($2500)


  1. Internal Seed Research Program (ISRP) Funds, Project title: Local dual delivery of a chemotherapy and an anti-angiogenic agent for the treatment of glioma, Awarding Institution: UTRGV, Role: Sue Anne Chew, Principal Investigator (Co-PI Dr. Karen Martirosyan), Amount: $20,000, Years covered: 2017 - 2018


  1. FASEB MARC Title: N-3 Fatty Acids Prevent Trabecular Bone Loss. Jameela Banu Role: Student Mentor ($1800) Travel award for one graduate student to attend the Experimental Biology Meeting at San Diego in April 2018


  1. COS Research Enhancement Seed grant Program Title: Bone protective properties of Sylvia hispanica in postmenopausal rat model Jameela Banu Role: Principal Investigator Period: 04/2017 – 08/2018 ($25,000)


  1. SSA Foundation Title: Effects of Salvia hispanica seed extract on MC3T3 cells Dr. Jameela Banu Role: Principal Investigator Period: July 2017 – May 2018 ($4,000)


  1. An Integrative Review of Education and Faculty Development in Nursing Informatics Awarded by the National League for Nursing September 1, 2017 - August 31, 2018 ($12,000) Dr. Tracia Forman (PI), Co-investigator, Dr. Ava Miller