Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Health & Biomedical Sciences!  We offer several programs that provide an excellent education in the health and biomedical sciences, which are suited for careers in health and biomedical science professions, research and education. Intellectual development of the student is enhanced using innovative tools such as technology assisted courses, team based and case study based interactive classes and hands on research, clinical lab  and clinical site experiences. We believe in an integrated approach to education and research and the faculty and staff are committed to helping students succeed through mentoring and providing opportunities for research in their laboratories. Faculty research includes investigations in neuroscience (neurobiology of addiction, learning and memory, protein trafficking), bioengineering, cancer biology, phylogenetics, medicinal plants, bone health and nutrition, chronic (obesity and diabetes) and infectious diseases and medical education. We are committed to serving Rio Grande Valley through education, research and service.


Saraswathy Nair, Ph.D.

Chair and Associate Professor