Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • Tuition and Funding


    What is the estimated Tuition cost per semester?

    UTRGV offers a very competitive cost of attendance. For detailed information visit the Tuition & Fees page.

    Financial Aid

    Do you offer scholarships?

    Yes, there are scholarships available for graduate students.  Visit the Scholarships page for more information and to apply to the UTRGV Scholarship, today.

    Can I get financial aid to partially pay the fee for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)?

    Yes, it is possible and based on your financial aid need.  You will need to visit the Financial Aid office to see if you qualify for a waiver.

  • Online Application

    If I decide not to enroll, for the semester I was admitted can I defer my admission till next semester?
    Yes, your admission will remain active for 1 year.  If it has been longer than one year, you will have to reapply.

    Can I edit my application if I have already submitted it?
    No, you may not edit your application once it has been submitted.  Please make sure that you have completed all sections of your application before hitting the submit button as it will then be downloaded for review by the graduate college.

    Is there a fee for applying to the Graduate College?
    Application fees are:

    • Master’s Programs (Domestic Applicants):      $50
    • Doctoral Programs (Domestic Applicants):     $85
    • Master’s and Doctoral Programs (International Applicants):   $100

    Application Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. 

    If I am applying for two programs, do I have to pay the application fee twice?
    If you are applying for two programs for the same semester, you are eligible for an application fee waiver. To apply for the waiver, please submit your first application with payment. When filling out the second application, be sure to upload a word document indicating that you are seeking a waiver on the application fee because this is your second application. 

    I am having issues with my online application, who should I contact?
    You should contact GradCentral at or call 1-833-UTRGV-GC (1-833-887-4842).


    How can I find out the status of my application?
    Please fill out the Check Application Status form

    Who is my advisor?
    In many cases your Graduate Advisor is your Graduate Program Director. If not, they will be able to tell you who is. Please visit the Program Director page.

    When is the deadline to apply for my program?
    Each program has its own deadline, visit the Graduate Programs page and select the program of your interest to find the deadline. 

    General Questions

    When will the new catalog be available?
    The Graduate Catalog is available on our Academic Resources page.

    How long does the Graduate College keep my files?
    Please review the Student File Retention Schedule within the Forms section of our website. 


    What is the Graduate College mailing address for transcripts?

    Please request that your official transcripts be mailed directly to the address listed below. It is important that you include the office name and room number to ensure proper delivery.

    The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
    Graduate College
    Marialice Shary Shivers Bldg. 1.158
    1201 W. University Drive
    Edinburg, Texas 78539

    What does official transcript mean?
    Transcripts must be sealed and sent directly from the institution to be considered official. Transcripts will be considered unofficial if they are hand delivered by the applicant or third party regardless if sealed by the institution. If sent directly from the university or college, a transcript can be considered official if received by fax or email.

    If I was enrolled as an undergrad student at UTRGV, the University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA) or University of Texas at Brownsville/Texas Southmost College (UTB/TSC), do I need to request official transcripts to be sent to the Graduate College?
    No, if you attended UTPA or UTB/TSC at any time, the UTRGV admissions office will retrieve your transcripts; however, you are responsible for requesting official transcripts to be sent directly from all other institutions attended – including coursework transferred to UTPA or UTB/TSC.

    How long do you keep my transcripts?
    Admission documents will remain on file for one year if the applicant does not attend the University. Documents will be retained for seven years for students enrolled in a master’s level program and for ten years for students enrolled in a doctoral program. Please review the Student File Retention Schedule for more details.

    Do I still need to submit official transcripts if the coursework is on the UTRGV transcript?
    Even though you have transferred courses to the UTRGV transcript, you are still required to provide official transcripts from all universities or colleges attended.

    Can I request submitted documents to be returned to me?
    All submitted documents become the property of UTRGV and will not be returned.

  • International Students

    Who is considered an international student?
    Any student that is not: a U.S. Citizen, a U.S. Legal Permanent Resident or a Political Asylee to the U.S.

    How many credit hours do I need to be enrolled if I have a F1 visa?
    The F-1 status requires students to have a full-time enrollment status. At the Graduate level, full time enrollment is nine (9) credit hours per semester. *Some exceptions will apply, for more information, please visit this link on Maintaining Good Standing.

    Can I enroll in fewer credit hours? 
    Yes, if you are in another visa classification other than F-1, i.e. TN, H-4, H1B, among other visa types. Also, as an F-2 visa (F-1 dependent) students can be enrolled in part-time status; 6 to 3 credit hours. Also, F-1 “border commuter” will have the opportunity to enroll in a part-time status; 6 to 3 credit hours or full-time. Lastly, you can also be enrolled in less credit hours on an F-1 visa status if you are in your last semester and there are no other required courses of your program.

    How much financial support do international students need to provide?
    Financial support will vary depending on the student visa classification, residency status, and other factors such as scholarships, Mexican Tuition Waiver, fellowships awards, etc. For more information, please visit this link with the Cost of Attendance information. *International students who are awarded with a competitive scholarship of at least $1,000 will be charged at the resident student rate for tuition purposes.

    What is the TOEFL institution code for UTRGV?

    For how long is a TOEFL score valid?
    TOEFL scores have a two year validity period.

    For how long is a IELTS test score valid?
    IELTS scores have a two year validity period.

    International Students from which universities are not required to send transcripts to FCSA?
    Tecnologico de Monterrey (ITESM)
    Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM)
    Universidad de las Américas (UDLA)

    Do I need to submit an evaluation for my foreign undergraduate degree if I have a master's degree from an accredited U.S. university?
    Yes, a certified English translation of your undergraduate transcripts is still required. UTRGV will then evaluate them.

    What companies do you accept transcript evaluations from?
    We accept evaluations from the Foreign Credentials Services of America (FCSA) or the World Education Services (WES). However, if you have not had your transcript evaluated by FCSA or WES, you can send us your transcripts to be evaluated by UTRGV. 

    Is proof of mandatory medical insurance required for international students?
    Medical insurance is mandatory for any enrolled international students on non-immigrant visa J-1, J-2, F1, F-2. An insurance waiver is available for students with medical coverage. Although, medical insurance is strongly recommended, F-1/F-2 Mexican students are exempt from this health insurance requirement. For more information, please visit this link with Health Insurance information.  

  • Domestic Applicants with non-US-transcripts

    I am a domestic applicant; do I need to take the TOEFL or IELTS exam?
    If your transcripts are not from a US institution of higher education, please review "Step 5" of the How to apply page to check if you will need to take the exam. Depending on the country, you may or may not need to take it.

  • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

    What is GMAT?
    “The Graduate Management Admission Test® (GMAT) is a standardized assessment, delivered in English, which helps business schools assess the qualifications of applicants for advanced study in business and management” (GMAC, 2009).

    Where can I find the valuable information about the GMAT?
    For more information on the GMAT, visit

    How do I schedule a GMAT appointment?

    Which UTRGV programs require GMAT scores?
    Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Accountancy (MACC), and the Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (Ph.D.).

    Does UTRGV accept scores taken over five years ago?
    No, GMAT scores are only valid for 5 years.

    What will be the good score to be accepted in the program?
    It depends on the program and on your GPA. The minimum score for unconditional admittance for the MBA program is 400 (along with a 3.0 GPA).

    Does UTRGV have GMAT Tutoring?
    The UTRGV Office of Continuing Education offers GMAT preparation courses. For the next available dates or more information contact or call 956-665-2071. 

    What is the Institution code for UTRGV?
    GMAT Institution code for UTRGV is 9P3.

  • Course Registration

    How do I register for classes?
    Below are instructions for registration and important links that will help you to register for classes. Please follow your official degree plan when registering and consult with your graduate program advisor if you have any questions. Your UTRGV username and password will be used to access all online student services. This is the same username and password required to use the computer labs and access your UTRGV e-mail.

    Registration Instructions

    1. Go to and enter your username and password.
    2. Click on the “ASSIST” application
    3. Then go to Student Services and click on Registration
    4. Select term [semester]
    5. Register for classes      

    How do I get my username and password?
    If you have questions regarding your username and password or if you need help creating a UTRGV Account Username contact: IT Helpdesk at (956) 665-2020.

    How can I get my student ID number?
    If you don’t know your student ID number, you can contact GradCentral at 1-833-UTRGV-GC (1-833-887-4842).