Technology Education and Corporate Training

Become A Technology Leaders


The minor in Technology Education and Corporate Training prepares students to develop the skills needed to assess the training needs of adult learners; develop online and face-to-face training sessions using innovative technologies; become a consultant, leader, and/or supervisor to meet the growing adult learning needs in healthcare, industry, computer information systems, education, government, and other fields. Students who complete four TECT courses earn a Technology Training certificate.

  • Degree Plan


    To earn a minor in Technology Education and Corporate Training, select 18 Hours of which 6 hours must be advanced. Download the degree plan. 

    • TECT 3301 - Foundations of Technology Training
    • TECT 3302 - Technology Training Methods and Strategies
    • TECT 3303 - Training Methods in Industry
    • TECT 4304 - Consulting Practice in Technology Training
    • TECT 4305 - Current Issues in Technology Training
    • TECT 4306 - Multicultural Technology Training
    • TECT 4307 - Technology Leadership Foundations

    "Corporate Training Specialists work
    in every industry and are in high demand.
    Job prospects are best for those with
    experience in online and
    mobile training development."
    Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017

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    Dr. Irma Jones
    Technology Education & Corporate Training

    Dr. Maria Elena Corbeil
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