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The UTRGV Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Center services local and international entrepreneurs from across the region and across the border. Our incubation membership offers a customized curriculum geared for startups. Our Global Hub is designed for the International Community looking for business opportunities in South Texas, and our Co-Working service is designed for individuals who need access to a professional workspace, open shared office space, access to the necessary tools and resources to start or grow their new or existing ventures.

FutureSQC Software is a highly specialized company founded in 2004, with the mission of helping our Manufacturing customers with new ways of efficiency through information technology on the floor shop. Hand in hand with our partners, we deliver solutions to improve their business cash flow, knowing their business to make better decisions, which can include from real-time information to predictive analysis.

Our contact info is as follows:

https://sqcsoft.com/ | ecerdal@gmail.com

Our Mission is to help our clients achieve their goals, adjusting to their needs, providing them with the best and highest quality services, offering innovative solutions with the best underwater technology worldwide.

Our contact info is as follows:

http://sotinc.mx/ | emartinezh@sotinc.mx

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At WITBA we develop alternatives to meet and solve the steam needs of the industrial sector with a sustainable approach. We created a solution for cleaning oil wells, in which cleaning time was reduced from days to only hours. The use of boilers, the waiting time and the logistical complications of transporting them to offshore facilities were eliminated.

Our contact info is as follows:

https://en.witbagroup.com/ | iotanird@gmail.com


Our mission is to offer 100% organic products for the field, post-harvest and livestock, offering our services and laboratory to give the best treatment to each crop. We team up with producers, crop advisors and distributors to always offer the best innovative products to have the best results in the harvest.

Our contact info is as follows:




We are a Mexican company specialized in the design, development, integration, manufacturing, maintenance and installation of parking solutions. We solve quickly, with quality and passion in the service.

Our contact info is as follows:


Go Gira International provides a full spectrum of online features to help you create & share virtual 360° tours. No software download or installation required, it's all on the web. Go Gira International enhances their system every week.

Our contact info is as follows:

+1 (956) 533-8545 | https://gogira360.com/ | hello@locobooth.com

go gira international

Wise Ant Technologies, LLC was founded with the idea that small and medium businesses can utilize the latest and most cutting-edge technologies through the use of open source and/or web-based software. The leadership team behind WAT has over 30 years' combined experience as professionals and they love what they do!

Our contact info is as follows:

+1 (956) 517-6466 | https://wiseanttech.com/ | eduardo@wiseanttech.com

wise ant technologies

We have business partners that allow us to optimize the operations and logistics flows of our clients, allowing us to be proactive and timely to resolve unforeseen events that arise, managing to act favorably in the face of constant market changes. Our infrastructure allows us to have the capacity to cover the entire territory of Mexico, the United States and Canada with great availability of cargo equipment thanks to our close commercial relationships with some of the largest transport companies in the world.

Our contact info is as follows:

(868) 111-3111 | https://www.usefenix.com/ customerservice@usefenix.com


 FENIX Logistics Solutions

At APYCO we want to establish a relationship of trust with our clients through specialized advice for their telecommunications requirements and projects, bringing the end user closer to the most recognized and important brands in the industry. At APYCO we firmly believe that as technologies advance and the demand in the telecommunications market is greater, we are committed to offering our clients the best technologies, the most reliable solutions and high-quality work performance.

Our contact info is as follows:

+52 55 5615-3456 | https://www.amyco.com/ | ventas@amyco.com


Hansheng Lei received his B.S. from Ocean University of China in 1998 and M.S. from University of Science and Technology of China in 2001, both in computer science. He finished his Ph.D. study in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University at Buffalo in December 2005. He joined the Computer and Information Sciences Department at the University of Texas at Brownsville (UTB, now UTRGV) as an assistant professor in Jan 2006. He was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure Fall 2012. He was a visiting professor at the EECS department, US Military Academy at West Point, June 2013-June 2014. His current research interests lie in data intelligence, cyber security, machine learning and computer vision. His research has been funded by NSF and US Department of Education with a total amount of ~$3.5M. He has served as a panelist for a variety of funding agencies, including NSF, Department of Education and Department of Commerce.

Our contact info is as follows:

+1 956 882 6585 | https://hansheng.yolasite.com/ | hansheng.lei@utrgv.edu