Master of Science in Computer Science (MS-CS)

The department's Master of Science in Computer Science (MS-CS) provides students a strong foundation in the core computer science areas, together with advanced study of specialized topics in computing. Students work closely with faculty members and may select to complete either a thesis or project. The thesis option entails three semesters' study under the direction of a faculty member in which the student gains an understanding of an area of current research and contributes to the state of the art in that area. The thesis option is chosen by students seeking to be involved in the Department's research efforts. The project option provides a more application-oriented experience completed in a single semester and is typically a software project supervised by one the department's faculty members.

Many successful students enter the program with Bachelor's degrees in other disciplines. The department offers a series of graduate courses designed to facilitate students' transition to graduate study in computer science from undergraduate study in other disciplines. The exact sequence of courses in determined individually by the department after review of the student's undergraduate transcript and relevant work experience.

Master of Science in Information Technology (MS-IT)

The department's Master of Science in Information Technology provides students a strong foundation for study of advanced topics in information technology and a knowledge of state of the art applications in the field. Students come to the program with a wide range of backgrounds, and the first semester of study supplies the competencies for further, more specialized courses. Students with degrees in other disciplines or who have been away from academic study for an extended period and who begin the program during the fall semester can begin graduate studies in selected courses during their first semester of enrollment. Many students are practicing professionals who seek to extend and refine their skills in information technology, and courses are offered in the evening.