Diploma Information

Diplomas will be issued by mail approximately four to six weeks after commencement and by mid-to-late July for spring graduates, mid-to-late October for summer graduates. Update your phone number and “DIPLOMA” mailing address in Assist: https://my.utrgv.edu/.  Please note:  A request for a duplicate diploma is submitted with the understanding that the original diploma has been damaged, printed with a former name no longer desired on the original diploma, or lost.  In the case of requests stemming from damaged diplomas or needs for an updated name, the original diploma must be returned to UTRGV at this address:

UTRGV Registrar
1201 W. University Dr. 
Edinburg, TX 78539

All diploma re-prints will carry a stamp on the front of the diploma at the bottom right-hand corner that reads “Duplicate Copy” in blue ink.  The stamp is positioned such that framing could cover the stamp. Only one reprint will be issued in a 24 month period. No exceptions will be made to this procedure.