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The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is a student-run organization that provides a well-rounded university experience by promoting student involvement, school spirit, and campus traditions; which foster a sense of belonging, affinity to the institution and overall supports student success and retention.

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List of Committees
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Name Description
Campus Pride  The Campus Pride committee focuses on celebrating school pride, team spirit, and is one of the integral parts in creating lasting school traditions at UTRGV. The committee serves as the driving force in generating student involvement by hosting engaging events such as Info Depots, Spirit week, and Week of Welcome. 
Cultural  The Culture Committee focuses on enhancing and celebrating different cultures from around the globe through events like: Fiestas Patrias, Chinese New Year, Holi and more. Students also engage in programs that bring awareness to social and global issues with the goal of enhancing their education experience. 
Pop-Culture The Pop-Culture Committee promotes an active and engaging variety of programs designed to engage students on campus as a safe alternative to traditional pop-culture events outside the university setting. Some signature Pop-Culture events include Vaqueros on the Mic and Vaqueros Got talent but have ventured out to events like Selena Night and UTRGV Movie nights. 
Road Trips/After Dark

Due to current travel restrictions the Road trips committee has transitioned into the After Dark committee.

Let’s go! We take you where you want to go as long as it is not on campus. This committee plans excursion off campus like amusement parks, basketball games and educational locations.

The After Dark Committee focuses on programming a variety of events for the late-night hours. Different types of programs include, but are not limited to, gaming, trivia nights, and more.  

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