"If you are starting your own business in this climate, you are probably doing it alone. UTRGV is a perfect location to get to bounce ideas off. They can steer you in directions that will save you LOTS of time/money. They are very busy but the time spent with you is intense and uninterrupted. Well worth the wait." - Anonymous

"My experience with Ms. Rincon has been exceedingly gratifying and I appreciate the interest she showed in assisting me. Thank you, Adriana. " - Valley Dental Supply Company

"The information that you gave me is enough to take a good decision and start my business. Now I'm working in finding the financial support, but this will depend on my own. In the near future, I'll return to you to ask for support creating my business plan. At this time, your help is good enough and I thank you for that." - Anonymous

"I learned how to start my business and exactly what to do once I got started. I'm glad I came to the SBDC." - Dolly's Therapeutic Massage

"I had a very positive and useful experience with the center. Mr. Aaron Gonzalez took the time to explain in details about starting a new business with lots of data on Metal Recycling businesses which gave me good understanding about the future of this type of business." - Alamo Metal Recycling

"Mr. (Arturo) Gonzalez' knowledge of business very valuable to anyone that he comes in contact with. I thank him for (what) he did to help me with my business venture." - Anonymous

"The SBDC provided exceptional business support services to my start-up company. Mr. (Aaron) Gonzalez helped me create my business plan, gave me valuable leads to other businesses, and provided guidance regarding grants, loans, and other small business programs. I hope to continue working with SBDC and become part of the network of resources that SBDC uses to promote small business in the Valley. As we say in our company, Que Padre!" - Rio Hondo Cane Company, LLC

"We came from Brazil to the first contacts with UTRGV and your assistance with business plans. We had very good attention, and spent almost half a day with Miss Caballero, a wonderful person and excellent professional. Her knowledge and skills will help us a lot to get in our goals. We hope we can be back next year to continue the development of our investment plans. Best regards, Max A. Paul - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil"

"My visit with the sbdc advisor was great. I was attended promptly and the advisor was very knowledgeable. Thank you for the wonderful service you provide. You are certainly helping people achieve their goals." - Anonymous

"Great experience. It really helped me. All the knowledge, expertise, and professionalism shared from the guest speakers gave me a clear understanding of how to proceed to launch my project. Thanks." – Anonymous