Research Facilities

High Performance Computing

Lab 04

UTRGV maintains Futuro computer cluster, obtained through the NSF-MRI grant (award 0923456) in 2009. Futuro consists of 40 nodes (IBM iDataplex) and 216TB central storage. Each node has 2-socket 4-core Intel Xeon E5540 2.40GHz CPUs and 48GB RAM memory. All nodes are interlinked via 36-port Qlogic QDR InfiniBand switch with 40Gbit/sec rate.

UTRGV also maintains Thumper computer cluster. Thumper is a 72-node IBM cluster. Like Futuro, Thumper uses a high-speed InfiniBand network to interconnect its nodes. Installed in 2011, Thumper is the newest HPC located on UTRGV campus.

Both HPC clusters can be used to conduct research in statistical analysis of data, digital signal processing and filtering, and Monte-Carlo simulations of physics experiments.


Optics Lab

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