Five Program Concentrations

MBA Elective hours* 9

Choose one of the following concentration:

General Concentration
Choose any 9 hours of MBA electives
1. Business Analytics Concentration
INFS 6350: Foundations of Business Analytics
Choose 6 hours from the following courses:
INFS 6351: Application Development of Business Analytics
INFS 6352: Data Mining for Business Analytics
QUMT 6350: Decision Modeling for Business Analytics
2. Financial Planning Concentration
Choose 9 hours from the following courses:
FINA 6345: Contemporary Issues in Global Financial Markets
FINA 6351: Fundamentals of Financial Planning
FINA 6353: Retirement Planning
FINA 6355: Wealth Management
FINA 6359: Capstone in Financial Planning
3. Health Care Administration Concentration
Choose 9 hours from the following courses:
ACCT 6305: Healthcare Accounting
FINA 6350: Healthcare Finance
INFS 6340: Health Computer Information Systems
MARK 6350: Competing Through Service
MARK 6360: Health Care Marketing
MGMT 6333: Human Resource Management in Healthcare
MGMT 6372: Organizational Leadership and Change
4. International Trade Concentration
BLAW 6331: International Commerce Law
INTB 6304: International Business
INFB 6391: Seminar in Global Topics (Topics will vary)
5. Philanthropy and Non‐Profit Organizations Concentration
ACCT 6362: Wealth, transfers, Trusts and Estates
FINA 6357: Introduction to Charitable Giving
Choose 3 hours from the following courses:
MARK 6311: Marketing Strategy for Non‐Profits
MGMT 6309: Strategic Fundraising Planning for Non‐Profit Organizations
Total graduate hours for degree: 36