Future Residents

Why Live On Campus

Academic Performance

Living on campus gives students an academic edge. According to the American Council on Education, studies show that students who reside on campus achieve higher grade point averages than their off-campus peers.

Students in the Biomedical field will be able to join a Living Learning Community for Biomed majors for a residential experience that integrates academic and social learning. We will be adding other Living Learning Communities on the Fall 2019. 

Learn more about opportunities for Living Learning Communities.

Personal Development and Leadership Opportunities

Living on campus and being involved in your residence halls is one of the best ways to get the most from your college experience!

Campus housing creates a supervised environment conducive to healthy personal/social development by providing residents the opportunity to form an identity, or sense of community, with the institution. It also eases the transition to UTRGV as everyone is going through the same things together. 

Get leadership opportunities by participating with the Residence Hall Association (RHA). Most RHA members become leaders in the university and many apply to be a Resident Advisor after the first year of living on campus. This means that your housing cost could be covered by the school in exchange for their work. 


It's close to everything! 

Live near classes, faculty offices, University services, library, Student Union, UREC and many UTRGV events.


Have the luxury to Hit snooze one more time. Sneak a nap in your room between class or wake up a little later before class. 

No Worries

  • Financial Aid funds can be used to cover university room and board cost.
  • One price - All expenses like utilities, cable and Wi-Fi and fully furnished rooms are included.
  • Leases operate with the academic terms where most off-campus options require a 12-month lease.

Safety and Security

Living on campus has more opportunities for safety and security. All Residence Halls have key card entry, live-in RA's, 24 hour front desk, an environment of peers, full time live-in professional staff, and campus police nearby. 

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