Who We Are Now?

In Human Development and School Services, you will have a chance to learn how to develop a healthy knowledge across cultures and lifespans, and how you will be able to apply them in schools and other educational related settings. HDSS students acquire the practical knowledge, skill set, and flexible way of thinking. They also receive the understanding of understanding of working with people, students with their development in social and school environments.

The Human Development and School Service department explores how human development is influenced by family, schools, community and the workplace. HDSS courses will help students focus on the practices of individual development and family, group and organizational dynamics. Our current program draws on the practices and research in School Psycology, Special Education, and Early Childhood.

The Human Development knowledge is highly gratifying, as well as valuable within itself. This knowledge will greatly enhance the ability of our students to start making a meaning difference in children's lives. Our Human Development and School Services mater's program, you will be working closely with an extraordinary faculty comprised of prominent voices in early childhood, school psychology, special education and educational diagnostician. Students will also have the opportunity to do internships and researches that will enable them to become better integrate theory and practices. This will for any of our students in the program to become more effective teachers, leaders, researches, and advocates.