Fall 2015

BMED-ITL-1101-1104-Mission 1 Biomolecules - Dr. Chew

BMED-ITL-1102-Biomedical Science Laboratory - Dr. Guadarrama

BMED-ITL-1102-Biomedical Science - Ms. Adefuye

BMED-ITL-1103-Introductory Cell Biology - Dr. Ortiz

BMED-ITL-1103-Mission 2 Cells and Tissues - Dr. Lopez

BMED-ITL-3121.01-Independent Research I - Dr. Ortiz

BMED-ITL-3121.02-Independent Research 1 - Dr. Nair

BMED-ITL-4220.01-Medical Bioinformatics, Genomics and Systems Biology - Dr. Schwarzbach

BMED-ITL-Mission 3-Genetics and Evolutionary Medicine

BMED-TRAD-1104-Intro to Molecular Biology - Ms. Adefuye

BMED-TRAD-1105-Intro to Medical Genetics - Ms. Adefuye

BMED-TRAD-2102.08-Molecules, Cells and Tissues - Dr. Castaneda

BMED-TRAD-3103.01.02.03-Human Behavior - Dr. Castaneda

BMED-TRAD-3109.01.02-Medical Syndromes - Dr. Castaneda

BMED-TRAD-4310-Medical Biochemistry - Dr. Zarei