About BFRI

What is BFRI?

Biomedical Freshman Research Initiative (BFRI) is an undergraduate research initiative program that is opened to students in the Biomedical Science (BMED) Bachelor’s program. By taking the BFRI track, you will have the opportunity to be exposed to and engage in research beginning as a first-year BMED student. You will have the opportunity to:

  • learn through inquiry-based learning
  • learn how to design and execute a research project
  • obtain laboratory technique training
  • work on a scientific research project
  • while getting credit for BMED courses


Why Join BFRI?

  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Develop better study habits including team-work
  • Obtain hands on application based training: increases knowledge and passion for learning
  • Serves as preparation for future research opportunity in a research lab
  • May co-author scientific publications
  • Better preparation for medical or graduate school and a career as a physician, scientist or physician-scientist
  • Strengthen chances of getting accepted to medical or graduate schools
  • Become aware of alternative careers
  • Have the opportunity to determine if a career in research is suitable for you

Ever wonder what research is?
Enjoy finding answer to questions?
Ever wonder what it is like to be a scientist?
Enjoy discovering new things?
Interested in the opportunity to contribute to scientific knowledge?
If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, BFRI might be right for you!


contact us
  Dr. Sue Anne Chew
   BFRI Program Contact 
  Office: BBRHB 2.112
  Phone: 956-882-6518