Attention: Students


Dear Students,

Please make every effort to attend the medical school application workshop presented by Dr. Judianne KellawayMD., Associate Dean of Admissions at the UT Health San Antonio, Joe R. & Teresa Long School of Medicine on April 13th, 2018. 1:00pm – 3:00pm in BRHP 1.222

This is particularly important for students who are planning to apply to medical school. Despite excellent GPAs and MCAT scores, one can still submit a suboptimal application package which will not make it competitive. So please attend and hear from the Associate Dean of Admissions of the San Antonio School of Medicine directly about the process.

Also, this is your opportunity to ask questions, address concerns etc.

Dr. Saras Nair,

Department of Health and Biomedical Sciences Chair

Below is a UTRGV Summer course that will provide you field research experience.
If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Suad Ghaddar (

HLTH 3305 – SELECTED TOPICS - Applied Health Research Methods

The overall purpose of the course is to provide undergraduate students with a unique, comprehensive, field research experience contextualized within a population health equity framework. The course will (1) allow students to understand the whole research process from developing the research question(s) to the interpretation and dissemination of results; (2) raise awareness of issues related to population health equity; (3) stimulate interest in pursuing graduate school or medical education; and (4) enhance student competitiveness in the academic and practice domains through improved cultural competency and transferable research skills. The hybrid research methods summer course offers hands-on data collection at Operation Lone Star (OLS), an annual emergency preparedness health exercise, taking place over a one-week period along the Texas-Mexico border. The experience will offer a unique enriching lens to student education, providing them with unique skill sets that embrace a holistic, coordinated approach to health and health care delivery.

The class is scheduled to meet twice a week (T,TH 2-4 pm) on the Edinburg campus. However, given the hybrid nature of the course, some of the meeting times will take place virtually. During the field research experience, the week of July 30th – August 3rd, different class times will be assigned. The course is open to juniors and seniors. It is co-taught by Dr. Chris Ledingham and Dr. Suad Ghaddar.

For more information on 2018-2019 registration dates and deadlines see: UTRGV Academic Calendar


Diagnostic MCAT examination Saturday, April 7, 2018

Dear Students,

Thank you for signing up to participate in the Diagnostic MCAT. If you did not sign up to register for this examination we will not be able to offer you an access code and you will not be able to sit for this diagnostic exam. This examination should help you locate your strengths and weaknesses in your preparation for any professional terminal degree you may choose to enter.

Firstly, it should be noted that the time of the examination is at 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. Registration will begin at 8:30 am sharp. We have four rooms available, three of these rooms are computer labs and one is a lecture hall. The computer labs are located in Main 1.504, Main 2.518, and LHSB 1.402. If you are planning to bring your own laptop, you will be taking your exam in Main 1.502. The seats available for the examination will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. When you arrive you will be asked to sign in and will receive your access code to being the registration process.

The registration process will be as follows:

Please log onto the link provided below. (EACH STUDENT's UNIQUE CODE GOES HERE) 
*The access codes will be provided on the morning of the examination*

Once you have created your account, you can access your tests by signing into your account at Your exams and other resources will be located on the "Resources" tab.

Each student will be able to go at his or her own pace on the timed diagnostic mode, and the exam must be completed in the allotted period we have designated. We strongly encourage students to limit their bathroom breaks to a maximum of 5 minutes between blocks. In the event that students have not finished their exam in the allotted time frame will be forced to submit their exams as is.  Once you have completed the exam you will be asked to sign out from the attendance sheet located in the front of your room.

General rules for examination;

  1. No cell phones or other electronic devices may be used (including calculators)
  2. No headphones may be used during the examination
  3. Students talking or cheating will be removed from the examination
  4. Please be respectful of the other students taking their test when leaving for your break
  5. Scratch paper will be provided

These rules are the same ones implanted during the actual examination and we are aiming at having a similarly serious testing environment.
Any questions please let us know immediately.


Department of Health and Biomedical Sciences.

Dear BMED students and faculty,

Please be aware that  current students  (even if not planning to go to Medical School) who do not take the announced MCAT diagnostic tests  ( next one on April 7, 2018) will not be prioritized for clinical/research experiences recommendations, scholarships or Student Ambassadorship opportunities. This is because the MCAT diagnostic tests are for students’ benefit in assessing  academic progress as well as BMED program Student Learning assessment purposes.

Dear BMED students,

All students planning to apply to medical school, regardless of class standing (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Seniors) should have  started planning for the MCAT or should be well into their preparations to take it. You were emailed an invitation to attend a diagnostic MCAT examination on Saturday April 7th, 2018 at 9 AM. There is a signup sheet in BRHP 1.101. Please sign up ASAP.

Over 99% of BMED students aspire to medical schools yet less than a third make it… Why? Primary reason is noncompetitive MCAT scores… MCAT is a tough standardized exam you can ace, IF you practice. First step is to know where you are at today, and then practice and prepare to increase test taking skills and strategies.

Also, BMED  program faculty cannot help you prepare if we have no baseline or benchmarks for progress. Therefore we need data as well. It costs nothing to take the diagnostic MCATS. We have not mandated this yet… But, if we see students failing to take the diagnostic MCATS, we will consider making these mandatory…

When you ask for LORs or ask to be in research labs or clinical experiences, we will check to see your academic standing. This will include compliance in MCAT diagnostic exams, workshops, volunteering etc. Therefore for your own benefit, please sign up and plan to take these diagnostic exams as they are announced.

Thank you,

Dr. Nair


Please note that Jan 15th is MLK holiday. If you have not followed up, and completed your overload petitions, taken care of your blocks and class conflicts and registration requests by Jan 16th, we will not guarantee that you will be registered in BMED classes for SP2018. Any requests/changes beyond Jan 16th are at risk for not meeting Registrar’s deadline.

The Last day to add/drop classes for Spring is Friday, January 19.
For more information on academic deadlines see: UTRGV Academic Calendar



*Any student who has not been attending CSHR will be reported by tutors to faculty and chair of HABS. This is mandatory for all students attending missions . Please see chair if any special accommodations need to be arranged.

*Students taking more than 18 hours:
When submitting your Over Hour Credit Petition the following must be included:

1. Over Hour Credit Petition Form 
2. Your Unofficial Transcript (available on your ASSIST) 
3. Your Degree Plan or Roadmap (available on the UTRGV website)

Over Hour Credit Petition Packets can be turned in to the Brownsville or Edinburg Campus.

Brownsville Office: 
BBRHP 1.101 Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00 pm
Edinburg Office: 
EHABW 2.206 Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00 pm


Please make sure that if you are taking one of the missions below you are also registered for the corresponding Coached Study Hour, if you are missing the Coached Study Hour, please contact the Department of Health and Biomedical Sciences with your name, ID#, and course#/section# of the CSHR that you are missing. 

3YR Honors Incoming Students:
M1- BMED 1101/1104  1BR, 2BR & 5BR
M2- BMED 1103/2102  1BR & 6BR
M3- 1105/1109  1BR & 2BR
M4- BMED 1106/1107  1BR & 3BR
CSHR 1001 1BR & 4BR
CSHR 1001 1BR & 4BR
CSHR 1001 1BR & 5BR
CSHR 1001 1BR & 5BR
4YR Hybrid Incoming Students:
M1- BMED 1101/1104 3BR, 4BR & 5BR
M2- BMED 1103/2102 3BR, 4BR & 5BR
CSHR 1001 2BR, 3BR & 4BR
CSHR 1001 2BR, 3BR & 4BR
4YR Honors Incoming Students:
M1- BMED 1101/1104  2BR & 5BR
M2- BMED 1103/2102  2BR & 5BR
CSHR 1001 2BR, 3BR & 4BR
CSHR 1001 2BR, 3BR & 4BR
4YR Hybrid Students - Cohort 2:
M5- BMED 1108/3104/3108  1BR, 2BR & 3BR
M7- BMED 1110/2102  1BR, 2BR & 3BR
CSHR 1002 1BR & 2BR
CSHR 1002 1BR & 2BR
4YR Hybrid Students - Cohort 1:
M8- BMED 3102/4280  1BR & 2BR
M9- BMED 3103  1BR & 2BR
CSHR 1003 1BR
CSHR 1003 1BR
3YR Hybrid Students - Cohort 2:
M8- BMED 3102/4280  1BR & 2BR
M9- BMED 3103  1BR & 2BR
CSHR 1003 1BR
CSHR 1003 1BR


Attention BMED Students: 7-12-17

Recommended Biomedicine integrated NON-BMED courses for Fall 2017

Dept. Subject Course
Section CRN Course
Campus Schd Type Title
PSYC PSYC 2301 01B 19700 UG BRW LEC General Psychology
WRLS ENGL 1301 09B 19196 UG ED LEC Rhetoric & Composition I
CHEM CHEM 1111 01B 24998 UG BRW LAB General Chemistry I Lab
CHEM CHEM 1111 02B 25000 UG BRW LAB General Chemistry I Lab
CHEM CHEM 1311 01B 24997 UG BRW LEC General Chemistry I
CHEM CHEM 1311 02B 24999 UG BRW LEC General Chemistry I
CHEM CHEM 2123 01B 25051 UG BRW LAB General Chemistry I Lab
CHEM CHEM 2123 02B 25052 UG BRW LAB General Chemistry I Lab
CHEM CHEM 2123 03B 25053 UG BRW LAB General Chemistry I Lab
CHEM CHEM 2123 01B 25050 UG BRW LEC General Chemistry I
PHYS PHYS 1401 01B 24872 UG BRW LEC General Physics I
PHYS PHYS 1401 02B 24873 UG BRW LEC General Physics I
PHYS PHYS 1401 AB 19493 UG BRW LAB General Physics I
PHYS PHYS 1401 BB 19494 UG BRW LAB General Physics I

Dr. David Fisher is offering the Big History course this Fall on Tuesday / Thursday, 12:15-1:30. BMED students, honors or non-honors, are welcome to enroll. This is not part of general education core.

HONR 2385. Big History. Course Description

Honors I is a seminar in Big History - an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the universe and the individual's place in it through the study of cosmology, Earth and life sciences, and human history. Our seminar is organized around the question of whether the short - and long-term prospects for our species, Homo sapiens, are dreadful or promising. We will investigate our cosmic, terrestrial, and biological homes as well as the history of our species in order to make an informed argument about where we are, where we came from, and where we might be headed. Critical reading, discussion, and writing are the fundamental methods of work in the course.

Math Placement Guidelines

If you have a certain MATH SAT/ACT score you can avoid having to test out of Pre-Cal or take the Pre-Cal course.

  • ACT score 25 or higher  
  • SAT score 570 or higher

If you have taken calculus in high school, they will let you sign up (repeat) your highest level math course from high school. At present students can repeat the highest level mathematics course taken in high school. Contact the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences to see a mathematics advisor for placement into an appropriate college level course. 

For more information on testing contact the High School to University Program  & Testing Services.

Attention Students: 5-11-17

Students enrolling in 2017 Summer Classes. If SI and SII undergraduate classes do not have at least 15 students enrolled, they will most probably be canceled. If you are concerned that your summer class may be canceled please contact the Department of Health and Biomedical Sciences office for more information.

Attention BMED Students: 1-26-17

Anyone who needs MATH3331 (Applied Statistics I) should instead take STAT3301  (Applied Statistics for Science, Engineering and Medical Science) starting Fall 2017. Prereqs and content remain the same. Anyone who took MATH3331 will receive credit for it.

Please be advised that we have extended online registration for students to add classes in Assist through Thursday, January 26th

BMED students/fees/drops: 1-18-17

  1. All BMED students should contact Student Accounting Services ( to understand their statement of charges, and what they should pay.
  2. BMED students should make an effort to contact Student Accounting Services by email: ( or by phone: 956-665-3622 / 956-665-7824 / 956-882-8251, if they need help understanding their statements.
  3. The -350/350 lines on the statement was simply to cancel out erroneously applied discounts (waivers) in FA16 and SP17.
  4. ONLY Hybrid students are charged the BMED fee of $350/semester (iPad lease/Apps/textbooks etc.)
  5. Dept. should be notified if you are at risk of being dropped for non-payment of what you owe.

Attention BMED students 1-17-17

It is on the hybrid students if they do not register in the mandatory CSHRs. Any graded activity/attendance points during CSHRs they will get zero.

ONLY hybrid students should  be charged the $350 Biomedical Sciences fee for leasing iPads containing Apps and textbooks. All traditional (legacy) students should not be charged. If you are, please contact the department immediately.

Attention BMED Students: 11-14-16

TRADITIONAL STUDENTS- DO NOT register for BMED sections that have B or BR-those sections are only for Hybrid students

Attention BMED students interested in a research project with the South Texas Diabetes and Obesity Institute 11-4-16

Please contact Dr. Arthur Porto at or 956-882-7563 (email preferred). 

Ideas for student projects: Potential projects involving laboratory opossums for UTRGV undergraduate students

Attention Legacy BMED students: 9-13-16

The correct literature course for all legacy BMED students is ENGL 2341. Please see advising for further information on this.

BMED students interested in applying to the Honors College should apply online right away. 

Students should follow the link on the Honors College site to apply for admission. It will only take a few minutes and the Dean should provide a response within 2 weeks.

While waiting for a response students should:

  • Review the contracts link and begin planning a contract for this semester.
  • Attend the Honors convocation
    • Brownsville Campus: Wednesday, September 21, 2016. El Gran Salon, 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
    • Edinburg Campus: Tuesday, September 20, 2016. University Ballroom, 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
  • Contact Dean Andersen or David Fisher with any questions.

Dean Mark Andersen 
STAC 2109 (Edinburg) 

David Fisher 
Main 1.432 (Brownsville) 

Attention traditional BMED students: 8-30-16

  1. We are in year 2 of teaching out of our traditional BMED program. So ALL traditional students should have completed their BMED 11XX courses by now. If they did not, they should see their program advisor ASAP. These courses will not be offered again (if we continue the hybrid program) unless there are more than 10 students.
  2. All traditional students have the last opportunity to sign up for 1108, 2101, 2102, 1111, 3103 this semester. If they don’t, they will not be offered again (if we continue the hybrid program) unless we have at least 10 students.
  3. TIME students especially have missed several lower level courses assuming they would get medical school credits. But cohort 1 (2013) and cohort 2 (2014) TIME students who are no longer TIME students (and thus will NOT receive medical school credits) need to be advised of above, if they haven’t been already. Unless we have at least 10 students NO courses that are taught out will be offered again.
  4. ALL traditional students signed up in BR/B (hybrid sections) will be dropped from BMED and non-BMED hybrid sections.
  5. ALL hybrid students in traditional BMED sections will be dropped.

Clinical Microbiology in Health Care (Brownsville campus): 8-10-16

The Department of Health and Biomedical Sciences is offering the course, Clinical Microbiology in Health Care at the Brownsville campus for pre nursing, pre nutrition and pre CLS students for the FIRST TIME. We need more students to enroll in this class for the Brownsville campus. If enrollment is less than 15 students, then the class will have to be postponed until Spring 2017. Contact your program advisor for more information. This course is currently being offered in Edinburg