Student Resources


A) Presidential Graduate Research Assistantships—This is a fantastic opportunity for new students.  While supplies last…


B) Dean’s Scholarship – New Students can receive Up to $1000 in a scholarship.  This award would also qualify a candidate for in-state tuition.


C)  Grad College Financial Aid portal—Students be sure to do your FAFSA application ASAP.  Please maintain 6 hours per semester for aid purposes, even in the summer (though you may spread out from one summer session to the next)


D) Graduate Assistantships and Work study positions.

MFA students often work with riverSedge magazine in a GA position.  There is often a GA position a with the student lit magazine Gallery, and there are often positions helping the department and faculty in other roles.


Additional Enrollment Hours Request

When requesting over the cap limit of hours, please fill out the Additional Enrollment Hours Request below.  Email it to or bring by the forms to ELABS 334