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If you love to read and write you've come to the right place for
courses in the literary craft of creative writing.

MFA Program in Creative Writing

Our MFA program has a great track record of success. Poets, Fiction Writers, Memoirists, Script-writers have all developed projects during their time here, and their hard work has led to some exciting publications and performances. Take a look at a few of their published works

Our engaged faculty work hard to give cogent feedback and bring students the latest and best literary works to feed their imagination and to build a greater understanding of craft. Click here to view our Faculty Page.  Unlike some MFA programs that restrict students to a certain genres or languages, our degree plan has a lot of choice built into it, where the students have freedom to plot their own way forward. We have workshops in Fiction, Poetry, Social Action Writing, Creative Nonfiction, Screenwriting and Graphic Lit. 

We also have faculty, both affiliate and core faculty, who teaching creative writing in Spanish and translation (both directions). You will also notice that students can choose literature course requirements in Spanish. That is not typical of MFA programs in English Departments, but it is something we are proud of. Of course, if a student wants a more traditional plan taking workshops in a specific genre, they can take three of the four workshop courses in the same genre. Please have a look at the degree plan Which way would you go? 

Undergraduate Program

The Creative Writing Concentration is a great choice to sharpen your writing skills and exercise your creative freedom as you earn a degree in English. An English Degree offers a lot to students. Whether it is teaching, working in publishing, or going on to grad school, the critical thinking skills and communication skills taught in the English Major are important in nearly every profession, not to mention an appreciation of literature and a strong mode of analysis enriched life. 

In particular, creative writers in the concentration are tasked with producing works of profound imagination, and they get an insider look at how stories, essays, plays, and poems are put together and how the emotional life of the piece is achieved. What better way is there to understand something than to learn how to put it together? That is why a lot of creative writing classrooms rely on the Workshop—a place where the craft is taught and appreciated.  A place where mistakes can be expected but are not judged. While we read published modern and contemporary literature as we go, the focus is on the student writing and where students have seat at the table and the classroom is discussion based. Perhaps workshop is the original flipped classroom…Even so, think about joining the English Major with a Creative Writing Concentration and telling your story.  

If you have questions about the MFA program please contact me Britt Haraway, Interim Director of Creative Writing, at or our Graduate Coordinator Jean Braithwaite

Questions on the CW concentration can be directed to me as well:

Note: Beginning Fall 2021, Emmy Pérez, Texas Poet Laureate 2020, will be the next Program Director of Creative Writing.

Contact Information: 
Britt Haraway, Interim Director of Creative Writing
Location:  ELABS 273
Phone:  (956) 665-3335