Degree Plan

American Sign Language Interpretation

Bachelor of Science (BS)
American Sign Language Interpretation

B – MAJOR REQUIREMENTS – 78 HOURS (63 advanced)

Bachelor of Science in American Sign Language Interpretation Degree Plan

A Bachelor of Science degree in American Sign Language (ASL) Interpretation will advance the field by preparing future ASL interpreter professionals. Our mission is to prepare entry-level practitioners who are capable of managing the intercultural demands and complex cognitive tasks for conveying dynamically equivalent messages between ASL and English. Upon successful completion of the degree students will demonstrate foundational competencies in the areas of language, understanding the culture of the Deaf community, and demonstrate professional behaviors for Sign Language Interpreters. Graduates will be eligible for state and national ASL Interpreter certification and/or a specialized state certification in the area of Tri-lingual Interpretation.


  1. Students will demonstrate at an intermediate level the ability to formulate grammatically appropriate ASL to English and English to ASL interpretations.
  2. Students will be able to successfully interpret consecutively and simultaneously at 110 words per minute entry level source material.
  3. Students will demonstrate the skills necessary to work with consumers in educational and social service settings.
  4. Students will develop cultural awareness by interacting with members of the Deaf community.
  5. Students will possess the professional skills and knowledge required to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to specific interpreting situations as well as demonstrate respect for consumers.

Spanish Translation and Interpreting Concentration:
  1. Students will learn the fundamental nature of Spanish translation, the formal and morpho-syntactical differences between English and Spanish and practical translation procedures.
  2. Students will apply the development of analytical skills, cultural literacy, linguistic competence, and professionalism to the field of Tri-lingual Interpretation (ASL/Spanish/English).
  3. Students will be eligible for a specialized state certification in the area of Tri-lingual Interpretation.

Communication Studies Concentration:

  1. Students will be able to demonstrate effective nonverbal and verbal presentational speaking abilities (including effective eye contact, vocal variety, and body movement, and clear organizational structure).
  2. Students will be able to demonstrate interpersonal skills: active listening and perspective taking. Students will be able to ask appropriate questions, paraphrase content and emotions, and use appropriate nonverbal behaviors.
  3. Students will be able to explain significant theories of Communication.