Helpful Links

A primer on the Texas Budget process from the Texas Comptroller, including breakdown of the statewide budget numbers:

On the Legislative Budget Board (LBB) website you can review the state’s General Appropriation Act which contains the appropriations for the state agencies and universities.

UT System budget policies and rules can be found at the following link

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), the THECB plays a key role program approval and in establishing the formulas that allocate funding to the universities.

The main THECB website

The THECB website dedicated to Texas higher education data

On the Texas legislature online website you can review specific statutes including tuition and fee statues (statutes dealing with universities are in the Education Code section).  You can also review the Texas constitution which authorizes certain funding of interest to higher education such as the Permanent University Fund (PUF) and the Higher Education Assistance Fund (HEAF).