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The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is privileged to host the  2024 Annual Texas Regional Alliance for Campus Sustainability Summit.  This summit will be held at the South Padre Island Convention Center, one of the most valued ecological regions of South Texas.

Quality of life is not possible without quality partnerships to assure social advocacy, environmental stewardship, and equitable economic development for ALL. Sustainability is the cornerstone to advancing The Future of Texas in quality global research and engagement, operational and planning resiliency, and the key towards building the foundation of future generations and Sustainable Development Leaders.

At this conference, we aim to make a profound impact by UNITING diverse stakeholders, SERVING our community, and TRANSFORMING our collective future. Through collaborative efforts and forward-thinking solutions, we strive to foster a sustainable culture that enhances a pathway to economic prosperity, environmental stewardship, and social equity. The TRACS summit focuses on continued education for sustainability practices, and participants will have the opportunity to engage and converse about overcoming the emerging issues arising in today’s society.