How to Build a High Performance Team

Team Building is a stimulating problem-solving training designed to help individuals develop their capacity to work effectively in a team.
This training gives you the tools you need to build a case for teaming in your organization, set performance goals, and continually measure team effectiveness. You'll learn how to identify and foster the characteristics of successful teams, define responsibilities for team members, and overcome common obstacles to high performance.
The skills that you learn to master at the training can be applied to any team situation – from a single work unit team to wider multi-unit teams spanning the organization.
Achieve identified business objectives through the use of teams. Develop skills to set team goals, identify tasks, and measure performance for team success.

Training material and certificate of completion are provided to all participants.

To be scheduled

Team Building Training (8 hrs)

  • Interactive exercises
  • Natural, permanent and motivating learning process
  • Integration (listening, sharing and learning)
  • Collaboration
  • Overcoming obstacles and achieve results
  • Goal setting and mission statement
  • Continuous improvement



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