Effective Leadership in the Workplace

This course will identify the fundamental leadership attributes needed for managers to be effective in today’s business world.  We will analyze the principles of leadership in management, and the importance of creating a positive organizational culture through strong leaders.
The course will identify effective leadership methods that managers can use to meet company’s objectives; including effective  decision making techniques, employee motivation, team development, and successful conflict resolution methods.

To be scheduled.

  • Defining Leadership
  • Effective Leadership as a Management Function
  • Relationship between Successful Organizations and Strong Leadership

  • Leadership Dynamics

    • Principles of Self-Leadership
    • The desire to Lead
    • Review of Management Functions
    • Leadership Attributes and Traits
    • Theories of Leadership
    • Leadership Styles
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Trust in Leadership
    • Clear Communication in Leadership
    • Developing Effective Decision-Making Techniques
  • Leadership and Motivation

    • Employee Motivators
    • Building Cohesive Teams
    • Building Strong Relationships
    • Mentoring
    • Dealing with Workplace Diversity
    • Effective Conflict Resolution Techniques
    • Managing Work Stress
    • Employee Training and Development
    • Employee Engagement and Involvement
    • Performance Evaluations
  • Leadership Challenges for the 21st Century

    • Characteristics of 21st Century Organizations
    • Globalization
    • Using Technology as a Strategic Tool
    • Managing a Virtual Workforce
    • Dealing Effectively with E-business and E-commerce
  • Building a Positive Corporate Culture through Strong Leadership Techniques

    • Setting and Sharing Company’s Vision/Mission
    • Strategic Planning
    • Setting Goals and Objectives
    • Creating a Positive Corporate Culture
    • Dealing with Organizational Change
    • Fostering Innovation in the Workplace
    • Ethical Considerations in Leadership
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Sustainable Economic Growth and the Triple Bottom Line