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Sarah Rowe


The Public Heritage & Community Engagement (PHCE) degree combines the fields of Public History, Critical Cultural Heritage Studies, and Museum Studies to investigate the development, contestations, and implications of shared interpretation, valuation, and appreciation of places, buildings, natural landscapes, traditions, and objects. Program emphasis is placed on the critical role of community partnerships in these endeavors, helping students build the skills and networks that they will need for employment after graduation.


The Public Heritage & Community Engagement program seeks to educate tomorrow’s community leaders and citizens regarding the value of public heritage resources for the economic well-being of their communities and for the enrichment of their lives, the lives of their children, and visitors to the region.


The Public Heritage & Community Engagement Program aspires to be a regional hub for community-engaged cultural and economic development. It seeks to provide training for careers in municipal, state, regional, and federal government and agencies; museums and the arts; and non-profits dedicated to cultural and natural landscapes.