Prerequisite Coursework

All prerequisites must be completed by the September 1 deadline. Prerequisites taken during the Fall or Spring semesters during or after the September 1 deadline will not be considered for interview or admission.  All applicants who are accepted must have a completed Bachelor's degree, its equivalent or a higher degree upon matriculation to the Physician Assistant Department.

Prior studies or degree work, work experience, fluency in Spanish, and residency in the underserved counties of South Texas may be helpful to all applicants. Although the prerequisite coursework may be accomplished at any accredited junior college, four-year college, or university, it is preferred that most, if not all, coursework be completed at a four-year college or university. Additional recommendations include Spanish coursework and medical terminology. A human focus is recommended for Anatomy & Physiology.

Applicants should take some time to read our FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) before applying. Our FAQ's page can be reached HERE.

Science Semester Credit Hours
General Biology I 3
General Biology II 3
Genetics 3
Microbiology 3
Anatomy & Physiology I 3
Anatomy & Physiology II 3
General Chemistry I 3
General Chemistry II 3
Organic Chemistry or Biochemistry 3
Statistics 3
Introductory Psychology or Abnormal Psychology 3
Total Prerequisite Requirements 33
Effective 04/01/2014

Note:  Pass or Credit grades will not be accepted for any science prerequisite coursework.  Credit by examination is accepted for Statistics and Psychology only.  All prerequisite science courses must be taken for science majors.  Science courses taken for non-science majors will not be accepted.

Note to applicants with foreign coursework:  Every applicant must meet ALL prerequisite requirements.  No prerequisite course waivers or substitutions will be granted.  If admitted, foreign medical graduates will not be given advanced placement standing for any PA  program coursework.  All matriculants must complete the entire professional curriculum.