Welcome to the Mathematics and Science Academy (MSA)! 

Dear Student,

This unique learning opportunity is designed to accelerate your education and personal growth. The academy offers students more freedom and more responsibility than is offered in a traditional high school, but less freedom and more supervision than is offered to most college students. At the academy, you will be presented with challenges and given support in facing those challenges. In the end, however, your academy experience depends on you.

Our goal at the MSA is to develop the whole person – but the focus of the experience is in the academic program. It is our purpose to extend knowledge and understanding for each student far beyond where they are when they arrive. It is our sincere desire that students will find an environment in which they can increase knowledge, develop imagination, explore ideas and feelings, find life-long friends, and strengthen their desire to serve humankind.

Best wishes as you pursue educational challenges and as you consider the academy as your school.

Dr. Wilma Smetter

The Mathematics and Science Academy was nationally recognized by ¡Excelencia in Education! in 2012.