Research Summary

The scientific expertise of the MAO Research Group is on the development of functional inorganic nanomaterials, investigation of their novel properties and exploration of their applications for environmental sustainability, energy, catalysis, and optoelectronic devices. Our current research focuses on the design and investigation of advanced materials, mainly transition metal oxides, with novel compositions, structures, architectures and functions, in some cases heterogeneous materials with multi-nanocomponents. The goal is to design advanced materials, achieve desirable properties and functionalities, and tackle complex interdisciplinary material challenges. We employ various synthetic routes to develop desirable targeted materials, and focus on different synthetic conditions, composition and microstructural controlling to fine-tune sensing, catalytic, electrochemical, magnetic, and gas storage properties.


Openings positions

The MAO group always looks for enthusiastic undergraduate students, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and visiting scholars to join our dynamic team. For inquiry, please feel free to contact Dr. Mao for more information.