Resident Parking Permit

Resident Parking Permit

All residents may request a parking permit to park their vehicle on campus. The Resident Parking Permit will allow you to park in the designated Resident Parking Lots Zone 1, and Zone 2 parking Lots. The Resident Parking Permit cost $100 per permit and covers the Academic year. The permit is good from the time purchased until the end of the academic year.

To order your parking permit, appeal a parking citation, or check your parking account, go to

You can also contact Parking Services at or visit their website at

To view parking zones, visit the following:

For a list of frequently asked parking-related questions, please see our FAQ


If a resident checks out, cancels their student housing contract, or is removed from on campus housing, the residents parking permit must be returned and will be voided.   Students will have an option to exchange the resident parking permit with a Zone 1 permit.