Handbook of Operating Procedures

College / School and Unit Policies
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This Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP) of The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley contains policies and procedures for the governance of UTRGV. Policies connect UTRGV’s mission to individual conduct, clarify institutional expectations, support compliance with laws and regulations, mitigate risk, and enhance productivity and efficiency in operations. UTRGV and its activities are subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System. In the event of any conflict between the Regents’ Rules and Regulations and any policies or procedures in this HOP, the Regents’ Rules and Regulations shall govern.

This HOP does not constitute a contract between UTRGV and its employees, and is subject to change by UTRGV at any time following the process established in HOP 01-101. Such changes are effective whenever approved by the President and posted on the website. Although UTRGV will attempt to timely update the HOP to reflect changes in policies, in state or federal laws, or the Regents’ Rules and Regulations upon which these policies are based, because of publishing, editing, and review schedules, this HOP may from time to time contain information that is outdated or no longer applicable.

Section Policy Division
ADM 01-101 HOP Approval Process President
ADM 02-201 Academic Committees and Councils [see ADM 06-304] Academic Affairs
ADM 02-400 Concealed Handguns and Other Weapons on Campus Finance & Administration
ADM 03-100 Non-Discrimination and Complaint Procedure Finance & Administration
ADM 03-200 Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities Finance & Administration
ADM 03-300 Sexual Misconduct Finance & Administration
ADM 03-400 Consensual Relationships Finance & Administration
ADM 04-101 Standards of Conduct Finance & Administration
ADM 04-103 Lactation Support Finance & Administration
ADM 04-104 Return to Work after Work-Related Injury or Illness Finance & Administration
ADM 04-105 Staff Work Hours and Rest Periods Finance & Administration
ADM 04-107 Personnel Records Finance & Administration
ADM 04-108 Tobacco-Free Workplace Policy Finance & Administration
ADM 04-109 Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace Finance & Administration
ADM 04-111 Children at Work Finance & Administration
ADM 04-202 Employment Criminal Background Check Finance & Administration
ADM 04-203 Employment Preferences for Veterans and Former Foster Children Finance & Administration
ADM 04-205 Hiring Foreign Nationals Finance & Administration
ADM 04-206 Recruitment and Hiring of Staff Employees Finance & Administration
ADM 04-208 Volunteer Service Finance & Administration
ADM 04-301 Non-Retaliation Finance & Administration
ADM 04-302 Employee Grievances Finance & Administration
ADM 04-303 Discipline and Dismissal of Classified Employees Finance & Administration
ADM 04-304 Reduction in Force Finance & Administration
ADM 04-305 Probationary Period for Classified Employees Finance & Administration
ADM 04-401 Institutional Pay Plan Policy Finance & Administration
ADM 04-403 Establishing Compensation for Highly Compensated Employees Finance & Administration
ADM 04-404 Hazardous Duty Pay Finance & Administration
ADM 04-405 Longevity Pay Finance & Administration
ADM 04-406 Overtime for Non-Exempt Staff Employees Finance & Administration
ADM 04-407 State Compensatory Time (Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees) Finance & Administration
ADM 04-408 Time Records, Paycheck, Payday Finance & Administration
ADM 04-503 Employee Service Recognition Finance & Administration
ADM 04-504 Annual Staff Employee Performance Evaluation Program Finance & Administration
ADM 04-601 Leave of Absence Without Pay Finance & Administration
ADM 04-602 Annual Leave Finance & Administration
ADM 04-603 Sick Leave Finance & Administration
ADM 04-604 Sick Leave Pool Finance & Administration
ADM 04-606 Emergency Leave Finance & Administration
ADM 04-607 Military Duty Leave Finance & Administration
ADM 04-608 Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) Finance & Administration
ADM 04-609 Military Caregiver Leave Under the FMLA Finance & Administration
ADM 04-612 Holiday Leave Finance & Administration
ADM 04-613 Jury Duty and Witness Service and Fees Finance & Administration
ADM 04-614 Other Leave Entitlements Finance & Administration
ADM 04-701 Retirement and Modified Service Finance & Administration
ADM 05-100 Faculty Senate Constitution Academic Affairs
ADM 05-200 Staff Senate Constitution Finance & Administration
ADM 06-101 The Faculty Role in Shared Governance Academic Affairs
ADM 06-102 Faculty Files Academic Affairs
ADM 06-106 Faculty Rights and Responsibilities Academic Affairs
ADM 06-111 Faculty Grievances Academic Affairs
ADM 06-201 Academic Program Standards and Approval Process Academic Affairs
ADM 06-202 Curriculum Changes Academic Affairs
ADM 06-204 Textbooks and Other Material Academic Affairs
ADM 06-301 Evaluation of Academic Administrators Academic Affairs
ADM 06-302 Appointment of Deans Academic Affairs
ADM 06-303 Appointment, Evaluation, Role and Responsibilities of School Directors and Department Chairs Academic Affairs
ADM 06-304 Academic Committees and Councils Academic Affairs
ADM 06-401 Academic Titles Academic Affairs
ADM 06-402 Emeritus Faculty Academic Affairs
ADM 06-403 Endowed Appointments and Reappointments Academic Affairs
ADM 06-501 Faculty Workload Academic Affairs
ADM 06-502 Annual Faculty Evaluation Academic Affairs
ADM 06-504 Post-Tenure Review Academic Affairs
ADM 06-505 Faculty Tenure and Promotion Academic Affairs
ADM 06-507 Termination of a Faculty Member During Term of Appointment Academic Affairs
ADM 07-102 Misconduct in Research and Scholarly Activities Research
ADM 07-103 Managing and Certifying Effort on Sponsored Projects Research and Innovation
ADM 10-102 Records Management and Retention President
ADM 10-103 Alcoholic Beverages Finance & Administration
ADM 10-104 Solicitation on Campus Finance & Administration
ADM 10-105 University Utility Vehicles Finance & Administration
ADM 10-108 Keys/Access Control Finance & Administration
ADM 10-301 Facility Use Finance & Administration
ADM 10-403 Centralized Purchasing Finance & Administration
ADM 10-407 Purchase of Professional Services Finance & Administration
ADM 10-408 Entertainment and Official Functions Finance & Administration
ADM 10-410 Procurement Card Program Finance & Administration
ADM 10-412 Purchases from Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs) Finance & Administration
ADM 10-413 Vendor Protests, Disputes and Resolutions Finance & Administration
ADM 10-502 Use of Logo/Seal/Name President
ADM 10-601 Moving Expense Policy Finance
& Administration
ADM 10-602 Travel Policy Finance & Administration
ADM 10-701 Cash Handling and Reporting Finance & Administration
ADM 10-702 Cash Management Finance & Administration
ADM 10-703 Accounting Policy Finance & Administration
ADM 10-803 Gifts - Solicitation, Acceptance, Processing, and Acknowledgement Institutional Advancement
ADM 10-901 Campus Environmental, Health and Safety Program Finance & Administration
ADM 10-902 Parking and Traffic Regulations Finance & Administration
STU 01-100 University Food Services Advisory Committee Finance & Administration
STU 01-200 Meningitis Vaccination Academic Affairs
STU 01-300 Student Travel Academic Affairs
STU 01-400 Notification Regarding Missing Resident Students Finance & Administration
STU 02-100 Student Conduct and Discipline Academic Affairs
STU 02-200 Student Grievances and Complaints Academic Affairs
STU 03-700 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Policy Academic Affairs
STU 05-100 Excess Repetition and Credit Hour Charges Exemption Academic Affairs