Emergency Alert Notification

Rapid and timely communication to the university community during emergencies is critical. The UTRGV Emergency Alert System (EAS) provides mass, urgent and timely communication using multiple methods to promptly notify students, faculty and staff of an active major campus emergency or high risk incident through:

Students, faculty and staff are automatically registered to UTRGV Emergency Alerts with the contact information contained in Banner (students) and PeopleSoft (faculty and staff).

When University Police or  Campus Safety and Security determines there is an active emergency in which the public safety of the campus may be at risk, an urgent notification through the UTRGV Emergency Alert System will be initiated. Examples are:

  • When a person actively shooting a weapon is on the loose
  • When a tornado or a severe thunderstorm with expected winds greater than 70 miles per hour is predicted to impact a campus area
  • When a major hazardous material spill or other high risk emergency  impacts a large portion of campus.

Localized incidents within a building (such as a small fire or hazardous material spill in a lab) probably won’t require a mass notification.

As a regional, multi-campus university, multiple methods of notification are used in an emergency. The UTRGV Emergency Alert System adds to the array of communication methods used by Campus Safety and Security components during campus emergencies, notifications are also sent through university owned personal computers desktop alerts, campus emails, and local news media outlets. During an ongoing emergency or critical incident updates will be posted to the UTRGV website at: utrgv.edu.

Additional Information:

How to update your contact information.