UTRGV Employee/Student Self-Screening & Reporting Process

Tuesday, August 11, 2020 :: University Marketing and Communication

Each day, prior to visiting any UTRGV campus/off-campus facilities, university students and employees must review and answer the current version of the UT Health RGV screening questions regarding COVID-19-related symptoms.
Do not access the campus/off-campus facilities if: 

  • You answered yes to any of the screening questions
  • You have been exposed (within 6 ft. for more than 15 minutes) to someone who tested positive or who is currently being tested for COVID-19 in the prior 14 days. 
  • You tested positive for COVID-19 and have not been officially released by a member of the COVID-19 Response Team.

Instead of accessing campus/off-campus facilities:

  • Communicate with your instructor/supervisor (If you are a student employee please communicate with both your instructor and supervisor.)
  • Fill out the Preliminary COVID-19 Screening Form. You will receive an immediate email response from the COVID-19 team. A sample is below:

Screen shot of confirmation page

  • The COVID-19 Response Team is responsible for identifying and contacting others who may have been at risk.
  • Students or employees may not return to UTRGV premises until they are released by a member of the COVID-19 response team.

If you develop symptoms or start to feel unwell while on campus, follow the same process:

  • Leave campus/work immediately
  • Contact your instructor/supervisor so arrangements can be made with you to complete your academic requirements/work assignments. 
  • Fill out the Screening Form
  • Wait for instructions from the COVID-19 Response Team

Our Commitment to You
Or primary concern continues to be your health, safety and security.  For this reason, we ask that you:

  • Wear a face covering while on campus
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Practice social distancing (at least 6 feet apart)
  • Kindly remind your peers, colleagues, professors and visitors to campus to adhere to the same rules
Act in a responsible manner when outside the university environment – practice social distancing and wear a face covering when in public or enclosed spaces with anyone other than immediate family members.