Return to Activities After COVID 19 Exposure or Infection

Updated: 07/29/2020

UTRGV Faculty, Staff, Student-Employee

Employees who have been instructed to return to the workplace must, each day prior to visiting any UTRGV campus/off-campus facilities, review the current version of the UT Health RGV screening questions regarding COVID-19-related symptoms.

If you answer yes to any of the screening questions, have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, or have been tested for COVID-19, do not access any UTRGV campus/off campus facilities. Instead, please communicate with your supervisor and fill out the following Preliminary COVID-19 Screening Form. Your information will be reviewed, and a member of the COVID-19 Response Team will reach out to you. The COVID-19 Response Team is responsible for identifying and contacting others who may have been at risk.

Employees may not return to work until they are released by a member of the COVID-19 Response Team. If you develop symptoms or starting to feel unwell during the workday on campus, please communicate with your supervisor, leave work immediately, and fill out the Screening Form. Your supervisor will work with you on leave management or a remote work arrangement.


If you test positive for the virus:

  • You must continue isolation. 
  • You will get a call from the UT Health RGV clinical team confirming your positive results.
  • Contact your Primary Care Provider immediately for continued care.
  • You might be contacted by the State Department to identify any contacts you have had. 
  • If you have trouble breathing, chest pain, etc. go directly to the Emergency Room.

Any individual testing positive must self-isolate and will not be permitted to return to in-person activities until are cleared for return by UT Health RGV personnel.

If you test negative for the virus:

  • Guidence will be provided by UT Health RGV personel based on circumstances.
  • Contact your Primary Care Provider for continued care, especially if any symptoms arise.