Lecture Courses and Sections

Lecture courses and sections will open for face-to-face educational activities with the fall 2020 semester.

  • Lecture courses and sections will open for face-to-face educational activities with the fall semester, 2020
  • All lecture courses with more than 50 students will be delivered online.
    • In cases in which faculty prefer the use of face-to-face instruction in selected courses for pedagogical reasons, faculty may utilize a hybrid format through a reduced-seat-time approach. 
    • Reduced-seat-time courses will be taught primarily through remote delivery modes; however, faculty are assigned a classroom and meeting time to allow for synchronous and/or face-to-face interactions.  This will maximize flexibility to respond to changing conditions.
    • Under no circumstances will face-to-face instruction exceed 50 students in any one time or space, even when adequate social distancing can be maintained.
      • Classes with over 50 students that require a face-to-face or synchronous component to meet student learning objectives may utilize hybrid or reduced-seat-time formats, assuming that the above conditions can be met.
  • Any synchronous class interactions with students, be they face-to-face or remote, shall be recorded and made available to them via blackboard.
  • All other lecture courses not currently classified as online or reduced-seat-time will be converted to reduced-seat-time format.
    • These lecture courses may be preferentially converted to online format with the approval of the chair or dean
  • All faculty will have their lecture courses prepared for fully-online delivery if necessary due to changing campus requirements.
  • Large-scale online training opportunities for faculty will continue throughout the summer.  These opportunities will include a range of options from 8-hour training through blueprinting as coordinated through COLTT.
  • UTRGV leadership will assess the current state of technology for faculty and students and explore methods to support its expansion.
  • Deans and chairs will ascertain the need for classroom spaces by consulting with faculty to determine which courses and sections require a face-to-face component.
  • Facilities will provide deans with an analysis of the dimensions and square footage of every UTRGV classroom, lab and studio to estimate the capacity for social distancing.
  • Final decisions as to modes of delivery and section scheduling shall be made at the department level, within institutionally established parameters and with approval from the College’s/School’s dean.