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09/03/20: Labor Day Holiday Weekend - Stay Healthy and Safe

09/01/20: Message from the Interim Provost: COVID-19 Faculty Resources

08/25/20: Message from the Office of Student Success

08/24/20: UPDATE: Travel Protocols

08/21/20: Parents and Caretaker Guidance & Resources

08/20/20: Online Learning Student Privacy & Related Issues (PDF)

08/20/20: Recording of Classes – Considerations and Guidance (PDF)

08/18/20: REMINDER: Dean of Students office also here to help

08/18/20: Accommodation Requests Related to COVID-19

08/18/20: Message from the President: Commitment to Safety and Success

08/17/20: UPDATE: Protocol for building ventilation and air conditioning systems

08/11/20: UPDATE: New Student/Employee Screening and Reporting Process

08/07/20: UPDATE: Face Covering Protocol

07/27/20: Message from the President: Fall Relief Package

07/21/20: UPDATE: Campus Operations

07/17/20: UPDATE: Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

07/17/20: Please watch "Our Heroes" Spanish Commercial

07/16/20: UPDATE: Return to Campus Guidance

07/09/20: Message from the President: Fall 2020 Course Offerings and Safety Procedures

07/03/20: Vaqueros, help reduce the spread of COVID-19 this Fourth of July weekend

07/03/20: Recommended precautions against COVID-19 this July 4th weekend

06/30/20: UPDATE: Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

06/26/20: Message from the President [video]

06/26/20: UPDATE: Return to Campus Guidance

06/19/20: Return to Campus Employee Resources

06/16/20: Message from the President

06/15/20: RETURN TO CAMPUS: Screening Questions Update

06/12/20: COVID-19 Update: Travel

06/10/20: Message from the President

06/04/20: RETURN TO CAMPUS: COVID-19 Screening Questions

05/29/20: Video Message from the President

05/29/20: REOPENING UPDATE: Student Service Centers

05/29/20: REOPENING UTRGV: Face Covering

05/28/20: REOPENING UPDATE: Auxiliary Services

05/21/20: COVID-19 Update: Travel

05/20/20: University Libraries Reopening on June 1st

05/11/20: Get Ready! Pass/No Pass Portal Opens Tuesday Morning

05/07/20: Message from the President: Thank you! [video]

05/05/20: Message from the President [video]

05/05/20: Message from the President: Fall/Spring Relief Package!

05/05/20: Message from the President

05/04/20: COVID-19 Update: Campus Operations

04/30/20: COVID-19 Update: Campus Operations

04/27/20: UTRGV opening its fourth COVID-19 drive-thru testing site, this one in Harlingen

04/22/20: A big thank you to our heroes [video]

04/21/20: UTRGV opening third COVID-19 drive-thru testing site, in Mercedes

04/20/20: Message from the President

04/17/20: COVID-19 Update: New Governor's Executive Orders

04/16/20: COVID-19 Update: Campus Operations

04/13/20: Message from the President: Our Work Continues - Student Emergency Fund Update

04/10/20: COVID-19 HR Resources

04/10/20: Message from the President: Summer Relief!

04/10/20: Message from the President

04/08/20: COVID-19 Update: Facial Covering/Shelter in Place

04/07/20: UTRGV Student Assistance Program

04/06/20: COVID-19 Update: Campus Operations

04/06/20: Graduate Admission Accommodations

04/03/20: Dr. Bailey - Pass/No Pass Update [video]

04/03/20: COVID-19 Update: Campus Operations

04/03/20: Message from the President

04/03/20: Free Toilet Paper No Longer Available

04/02/20: Free Toilet Paper

04/02/20: Essential Employment letter template

03/31/20: Student Employment Update

03/31/20: Parking Reimbursement for Students

03/31/20: Parking Reimbursement for Employees

03/30/20: COVID-19 Update: Travel

03/27/20: A Message from Dr. Guy Bailey

03/27/20: UTRGV opening COVID-19 drive-through on-campus testing sites

03/27/20: Message from the President: UTRGV COVID-19 Case Update

03/27/20: Beware of targeted phishing campaigns utilizing COVID-19

03/26/20: COVID-19 Update: Travel

03/26/20: COVID-19 Update: Shelter-In-Place Orders

03/25/20: Message from the President: Time Tracking and Productivity Management during COVID-19 Pandemic

03/25/20: COVID-19 (coronavirus) Update: Edinburg Stay-At-Home Order

03/24/20: COVID-19 (coronavirus) Update: Cameron County Order

03/24/20: ACTION: LinkedIn Resources

03/23/20: COVID-19 (coronavirus) Update: Cameron County Order

03/23/20: Video: Vaqueros, in uncertain times like these, we want to remind you we are in this together!

03/21/20: URGENT: Actions for Human Subject Research during COVID-19 Outbreak

03/20/20: COVID-19 (coronavirus) Update: Travel

03/20/20: Message from the President

03/20/20: Temporary change to travel approval requirements

03/19/20: Proposal and Grant Guidance Regarding COVID-19

03/18/20: COVID-19 (coronavirus) Update: Travel

03/18/20: COVID-19 (coronavirus) Update: Commencement

03/18/20: Message from IT regarding Coronavirus Scammers

03/17/20: COVID-19 (coronavirus) Update: Reminders

03/17/20: COVID-19 (coronavirus) Update: Travel

03/16/20: COVID-19 (coronavirus) Update: Travel

03/13/20: CORRECTION - COVID-19 Update: Travel

03/13/20: Message from the UTRGV President: COVID-19 Update - Campus Operations

03/13/20: Message from UT Health RGV on Coronavirus: Personal travel to affected areas

03/12/20: Message from the UTRGV President regarding COVID-19

03/11/20: Message from University Marketing & Communication: COVID-19 Campus Update

03/11/20: Message from the Office of the EVP for Academic Affairs: Academic Continuity Update

03/10/20: Message from UT Benefits: Important Benefits Update Regarding COVID-19

03/10/20: Message from Travel Services Office: Travel Restrictions University Notice

03/06/20: Message from UT Health RGV: Employee and Student Resources for COVID-19

03/06/20: Message from the UTRGV President regarding COVID-19

03/06/20: Message from the UTRGV President regarding COVID-19

03/02/20: UTRGV Travel Notice COVID-19 Update

02/11/20: UT Health RGV flu season and novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) update

01/31/20: UTRGV Travel Notice to China

01/24/20: UTHealthRGV flu season and novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) update

What you need to know about COVID-19

COVID-19 Testing Sites
(for non-UTRGV employees)

UTRGV drive-thru COVID-19 testing site

UT Health RGV opened a total of four drive-thru locations offering COVID-19 screening: Edinburg, Brownsville, Mercedes, and Harlingen.

Protect Yourself/Others

Protect Yourself

UT Health RGV shares COVID-19 prevention and treatment information, courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Rally the valley

How do Vaqueros react when uncertainty sets in? They rally together - even at a distance. We’re meeting this moment for our community and each other. This is UTRGV at its best.