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UTRGV remains committed to your safety, success, and experience during Spring 2022.

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Safety First. Always.

You're here to earn a degree. And we're here to help make sure your educational journey is as safe as possible.

Below you’ll find information on what we're doing — and what you should do — to stay safe this semester.

Campus Protocols

There are currently no local, state, or national COVID-19 health mandates that enable UTRGV to require the wearing of face coverings or vaccinations across our entire campus community. And while UTRGV is not currently enforcing social distancing, the University continues to strongly encourage the use of face coverings, especially in settings when distancing is not possible. Because of these limitations, we all must consider the consequences of our actions and how each choice affects ourselves, our families, friends, and colleagues.

For more on what UTRGV is currently enforcing and/or recommending to promote your safety, visit the Protocols page.

Classroom Safety

We realize the concerns regarding classroom safety as we return to full-capacity seating. That’s why we strongly encourage everyone who is in a classroom or indoor public space to wear a face covering at all times. We also encourage everyone who uses shared materials and equipment to further mitigate their risk of potential exposure by using the hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes that are provided in each academic space.

Health Services

Your health and well-being are our top priority. UTRGV's Student Health Clinics offer top-notch healthcare when you need it, including COVID-19 vaccines and tests — because you deserve to experience college on your "A" game!

For more information about Student Health Clinics, including how to schedule an appointment, visit UTRGV’s Health Services page.

Mental Health & Well-Being

Between classes, work, and staying safe, "self-care" might seem like a fantasy. But getting your mind right is just as critical for your overall wellness as exercising and healthy eating. Whether you’re feeling anxious about school or wondering if the pandemic will ever end, being in tune with yourself can make each day a little better.

Visit our Mental Health & Well-Being page for more information on resources that can help guide you toward a greater sense of self.

Additional Health & Safety Resources

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Your Success is Our Success

Shaping The Future of Texas is what we do, and we take great pride in knowing that you entrust us with yours.

Below is some information that may help you find your path to success this semester.

Financial Support

Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) Cash Grants

All enrolled undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for Spring 2022 HEERF Cash Grants.

  • Eligible students with exceptional need will be awarded $850 Cash Grant beginning January 24.

  • Other eligible students will be awarded $750 Cash Grant beginning January 24, depending on funds availability.

  • Students who have not enrolled with UTRGV since March 13, 2020 must establish enrollment after Spring census date and will be awarded beginning February 4, depending on funds availability.

For more on these cash grants and how to apply, visit UTRGV’s HEERF page.

Academic Support


  • Got questions? We have answers! UCentral is UTRGV’s one-stop service center for student support. Here you can find helpful information about Admissions, Financial Aid, the Registrar, and the Bursar’s Office.
    • For questions regarding your admissions or financial aid status, contact by calling (956) 882-4026 or by emailing

Academic Advising Center

  • From orientation to graduation, the Academic Advising Center is your guide to success. This spring, the Academic Advising Center will resume in-person appointments. However, students who prefer remote advising sessions can continue to schedule phone and Zoom appointments.


As a Doctoral University with “High Research Activity” (R2), UTRGV prepares students to develop an interest in seeking real-world solutions through research.

Course Modalities

Our Spring 2022 course modalities and offerings will be similar to the pre-pandemic semester of Fall 2019.

This decision to make more in-person learning opportunities available is supported by the high vaccination rates within our campus and surrounding communities, the widespread availability of COVID-19 vaccines and boosters, and the mechanisms we have in place to prevent and manage potential casesIf you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Student Success at or the Dean of Students at

For a specific breakdown of the Spring 2022 course modalities, along with detailed descriptions of what each offer, please refer to the chart and table below.

Spring 2022 Modalities
Hybrid/Reduced Seating
Interactive Video
Online Asynchronous
Online Synchronous

As of December 6, 2021
Refer to the Class Schedule at for the latest detailed course information.

Accelerated Online Programs

Accelerated Online Courses: These fully online courses in the Graduate College will continue as normal and follow their own academic calendar, which can be found here.

Online Asynchronous Classes

These courses will be delivered fully online. There will be no designated class meeting time for real-time instructor/student interaction, which gives you the flexibility to engage with the course materials as best fits your daily schedule. Your learning will be guided by the digital presentation of the course content (e.g., recorded lectures, presentations, outlines, notes) and scheduled assignments. Your instructors will provide you with feedback on assigned work, communicate with you electronically, and be available to meet as defined on the course syllabus.

Online Synchronous Classes

These courses will be delivered fully online. There will be a designated class meeting time for real-time instructor/student interaction, which will be conducted remotely via online platforms from the safety of your home. This real-time interaction may be supplemented by the digital presentation of course content. Your instructors will provide you with feedback on assigned work, communicate with you electronically, and be available to meet as defined on the course syllabus.

Hybrid Classes (Online + On-Campus)

These courses will combine online delivery and on-campus instruction. This mode of delivery is particularly well suited for the type of learning that requires in-person instructional methods or the use of specialized equipment (e.g., practicums or hands-on science laboratory work).

Because part of the course will be delivered online, you will spend much less time on-campus than in a traditional face-to-face course. Your instructor will provide the details in the course syllabus.

During the limited time that you will spend on campus, all present course participants will be following all UTRGV current health and safety guidance, which includes the encouragement to use of face coverings, and other measures as appropriate during all on-campus activities. Exact procedures for these classes will vary depending on the course, on-campus space, instructor, and across disciplines, and will be shared on or before the first day of class.

Traditional Face-to-Face Classes

This is the course format that most students are already familiar with. Students enrolled in traditional face-to-face courses will attend class in person, on-campus, and on set schedules — the traditional way.

Safety measures will be maintained, and the use of face coverings is encouraged, as well as following all other current measures as appropriate.

Interactive Video Classes

These classes are administered via live video feed and combine aspects of Online Synchronous and Traditional Face-to-Face modalities. Students in Interactive Video Classes attend in-person and follow a set schedule with real-time instruction from faculty. Instructors can interact simultaneously with students in specially equipped classrooms across UTRGV campus facilities throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

Study Spaces on Campus

UTRGV has locations on campus that can accommodate students who need a place to log on and attend an online class.

Visit our Study Spaces on Campus page for a full list of available locations.

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Experience the Best of UTRGV

What makes the UTRGV experience so special? While the answer is different for everyone, one thing is certain: you’ll find it on campus.

Because our campus is more than a place to learn — it’s the focal point of your academic adventure. It’s where you’ll make lifelong friends, attend exciting events, and take charge of your future.

Below is more on what our campuses have to offer this semester.

Campus Services & Facilities

Whether you’re studying for a test, meeting friends for lunch, or working out, you’ve got a place at UTRGV.

Learn more about the variety of Campus Services available to help you get the most out of your time here, including information on locations, hours of operation, and whether or not you can access them remotely.

Live on Campus

It’s called campus life for a reason. Choose from traditional coed residences, gender-specific halls, or apartment-style living — all available through Housing and Residence Life.

Student Activities

Getting involved on campus is part of the full college experience. Join one (or a few) of the more than 250 student organizations on campus, like the Campus Activities Board, Civic Engagement, and Spirit Program to name a few.

Campus Events

Are you a planner or spontaneous? Either way, there's always something to do on campus. We highly recommend participating in ALL of our Signature Events, as well as our Distinguished Speaker Series. For the latest on-campus events, check out V Link.

UTRGV Athletics

Want to experience the VAQUEROS SPIRIT? Feel the energy LIVE and in-person when you cheer on the Vaqueros at any of our 16 NCAA Division I athletics programs, including basketball, baseball, track & field + MORE!

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