Our Range of Services

1. Incubation Memberships 

  • Tailored Incubation Curriculum: Perfectly crafted for startups and growth-focused ventures, complete with the option to enter our acceleration program.
  • Expert Mentoring and Coaching: Access to seasoned mentors to guide you on your entrepreneurial journey. 
  • Co-Working Privileges: Utilize our shared co-working spaces and enjoy a dedicated mailbox and commercial address. 
  • Flexible Workspace: Benefit from hours of private office space usage and monthly access to our state-of-the-art Conference Rooms. 
  • Connectivity: High-speed internet access while on-site. 
  • Continuous Learning: Attend free workshops and specialized training sessions. 
  • Comprehensive Support: Includes Business and Marketing Research, Weekly Business Advisory Meetings, access to the Market Lab, Business Plan Development through Live Plan, and Networking Opportunities. 
  • Monthly Fee: $180.00 

2. Affiliates - Virtual 

  • Remote Support: Ideal for individuals working remotely who still want to nurture their startup or existing venture.
  • Strategic Insights: Gain from Business and Marketing Research, Monthly Business Advisory Meetings, and Networking Opportunities. 
  • Funding Access: Explore potential funding opportunities. 
  • Business Plan Development: Craft your business plan with the assistance of Live Plan. 
  • Exclusively Virtual: Note that this membership does not include physical premises access. 
  • Monthly Fee: $80.00 

3. Affiliates - Faculty 

  • Academic Support: Specifically designed for UTRGV faculty and staff with entrepreneurial aspirations. 
  • Complete Incubator Benefits: Enjoy all the privileges of our incubation program, including Business and Marketing Research, Monthly Business Advisory Meetings, and Networking Opportunities. 
  • Premises Access: Includes access to the premises, shared office spaces, training, workshops, and use of a commercial address. 
  • Monthly Fee: $80.00 

4. Co-Working 

  • Professional Workspace: Tailored for individuals seeking a well-equipped co-working environment. 
  • Business Address: Utilize a prestigious commercial address. 
  • Open Office Spaces: Access open shared office spaces. 
  • Resources Galore: Make use of essential tools and resources to nurture your new or existing venture. 
  • Monthly Fee: $80.00 

5. Office Space 

  • Startup-Friendly Offices: Ideal for startups needing dedicated office space in a professional environment. 
  • Complete Facilities: Access to conference rooms, shared office spaces, and the necessary tools and resources for business growth. 
  • Business Address: Benefit from a commercial address to enhance your business presence. 
  • Pricing Options: Starting at $350.00 per month 

We are committed to providing you with the right resources and support to help your business thrive. Choose the membership that suits your needs and embark on a journey towards success with us.