Project Activities

Name of Company/Product Name Description Start Date Expected Completion Date Status
Trolley This product is a trolley, or a bus and train hybrid, which can move via train tracks and roads. 2/1/15 2/1/16 Completed
Apartments These apartments can be built to include any added value features the target market segment demands. 1/15/15 2/1/16 Completed
Langostinos Langostinos are a type of crustacean that are popular and commonly eaten in Mexico. Currently, the company owns a machine that removes the shell from this crustacean. 9/1/14 2/1/16 Completed
RGV Automation This machine has the ability to take in "waste" from galvanization to separate the metals and recycle the water. 2/1/15 2/1/16 Completed
Capsaicin Machine This machine has the ability to extract the capsaicin from habanero peppers 2/1/15 2/1/16 Completed
Salsa Project This project focuses on finding the proper marketing strategy for a salsa product. This requires research on the packaging of the salsa product and the salsa product itself (taste test). 1/19/15 2/1/16 Completed
NOVUS The Novus product is a big flat panel screen that is made up of multiple smaller screens. The screen is high definition and can be configured to fit the customer’s needs. This product is meant for customers like security firms, border patrol, etc. 8/26/15 2/1/16 Completed
Fertilizer Project The waste management side of the business will focus on collecting waste from residential and business customers in order to convert it into different types of natural fertilizer and compost. 8/31/15 12/1/16 Completed
The Name Partner The company claims that its thermo electric generator presents the greenest, highest efficiency electrical power in the world. 8/31/15 12/19/16 Completed
Phoenix The company claims that its thermo electric generator presents the greenest, highest efficiency electrical power in the world. 8/31/15 6/1/16 Completed
FetchDesk an all in one mobile and desktop application for shippers/buyers and carriers that focus on paperless and effortless secure load booking. 2/1/16 5/1/16 Completed
Galvanization Plant A company dedicated to the development of electroplating process that utilizes an electric current to reduce dissolved metal, and form a coherent metal coating on an electrode. 2/1/15 5/1/16 Completed
Fertilizer Plant A recycling company that will focus on producing high quality organic compost from recycled local organic waste. 9/1/14 5/1/16 Completed
Karso Gas Karso Gas a subsidiary of Karso Gasolineras aims to start operations in the US. 2/1/16 5/1/16 Completed
WorkPub The place is a shared workplace and co-working space for entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, and small companies. 1/15/16 5/1/16 Completed
Jank BBQ Sauce Lamar Jones is a local entrepreneur from Weslaco, TX and founder of Janktified Goodness LLC. Janktified Goodness LLC is the official entity that produces The Jank gourmet BBQ sauce. 6/6/16 TBD In Progress
Loop Loop is a screen recording mobile app for the android devices. This application allows users to seamlessly record and share any activity done by the user in their mobile device. 7/21/16 12/15/16 Completed
Heisenberg Energy LLC. Heisenberg Energy Unlimited, LLC is releasing a generator that produces energy, up to 1 Megawatt of energy. It is powered by multiple sources: Methane, natural gas, gasoline, biodiesels, solar, and geothermic. 7/21/16 12/15/16 In Progress
Virtual Media Planner An advertising company that will focus on providing clients in depth market segment data. With the use of Nielsen Scarborough data, virtual media planner (VMP) will be able to provide customized marketing plans for small businesses. 7/21/16 12/15/16 Completed
Quixote MES Quixote Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a control system for managing and monitoring the production service on a factory floor. It provides real time data that is stored in the cloud to minimize a company’s server usage. 7/21/16 12/15/16 Completed
Ready Tee Ready Tee sells an innovative product that will make golfing easier and convenient. Ready tee reduces time lost looking for a tee on the tee box or running to the golf cart to get one. 7/21/16 12/15/16 Completed

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