Program Applications

We are very fortunate to have two College Assistance Migrant Programs at UTRGV. Because we are funded through two separate grants we also have separate applications for each campus.

  • Applying to the Brownsville CAMP will require you to fill out a PDF form application.
  • Applying to the Edinburg CAMP will require you to fill out the UTRGV general scholarship application.

Select campus to proceed with application process.

How to Apply

To apply to the Edinburg CAMP, fill out the UTRGV general scholarship application at

  • Complete the Scholarship profile in full
  • Under "Scholarships Results" select "The College Assistance Migrant Program-Edinburg" and answer each of the extra questions for the scholarship.
  • Request two letters of recommendation by clicking " Recommendation Request"
  • When making your scholarship profile, keep in mind that the CAMP Edinburg Scholarship will only come up as an option for you to apply, if the student marks
    • Currently a high school senior graduating in the spring
    • Is a US citizen or permanent resident
    • Intends to be a full-time college student next year