Who qualifies for Services

Under section 418A(c)(1) of the HEA and 34 CFR 206.3(a) and (c), an individual is eligible to participate in the CAMP if he or she:

  1. Has, or has at least one immediate family member who has, spent a minimum of 75 days during the past 24 months as a migrant or seasonal farmworker (34 CFR 206.3(a)(1)); or
  2. Is eligible to participate, or has participated, in the MEP or the NFJP (see questions G1-G12 regarding participant eligibility under 34 CFR 206.3(a)(2)); and
  3. Is enrolled or admitted for enrollment as a full-time student at the participating IHE (34 CFR 206.3(c)(1)); and
  4. Is not beyond the first academic year of a program of study at the IHE, as determined under the standards of the IHE (34 CFR 206.3(c)(2)); and
  5. Is determined by the grantee to need the academic and supporting services and financial assistance provided by the project in order to complete an academic program of study at the IHE (34 CFR 206.3(c)(3)).