College Access and K-12 Partnerships works to cultivate the next generation of university students by creating a culture of college awareness and expectation through purposeful and sustainable programming. Ultimately, this area oversees initiatives that will connect students and families throughout the region with tools and resources that can aid in their journey towards higher education.

Unit Mission

The mission of College Access and K-12 Partnerships is to develop and provide meaningful program experiences that positively impact the college preparation, access, and degree completion of underrepresented students in the region.

Primary Goals

Goal 1:
Enhance the pipeline of students that are academically prepared to enter and succeed in post-secondary education.
  • Increase middle school/ high school families’ awareness of academic readiness as a component of college preparation.
  • Increase financial literacy and planning to reduce student loan debt.
  • Increase the use of emerging technologies to create interactive approaches to enhance student services.
Goal 2:
Expand Early College High School outreach and Dual Enrollment opportunities.
Goal 3:
Engage middle and high school students in a university experience through conferences, workshops, and summer camps.
Goal 4:
Improve retention and college graduation rates of our College Access and K-12 Partnerships student cohorts.
Goal 5:
Cultivate relationships with K-12 partners, community-based organizations, and higher education institutions in the region to create impactful and sustainable initiatives that increase access and success of ALL students.
Goal 6:
Increase external funding opportunities for college Access and K-12 Partnerships initiatives.