Traditional Mexican American Folklore

Begun by Dr. Mark Glazer in the mid 1980s and appraised at over $1 million, this renowned bilingual collection features over 100,000 items ranging from topics such as La Llorona, Curanderismo, and the Chupacabra to Mexican cuisine. It includes 23,877 folk beliefs, 13,186 proverbs, 23,118 folktales, 3,430 recipes and an additional 40,000 files. 

Dr. Margaret Dorsey acquired a set of curanderismo materials in 2013. That same year she won a grant from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission that funded making these materials fully accessible online. You can view the full collection here: Curanderismo Collection.

These holdings grow constantly by donations made by the community. Every year the Border Studies Archive hosts a culinary competition where the community, staff, and renowned chefs come together to celebrate local Mexican cuisine. The archive uses this opportunity to receive new recipes donated by participants while learning about the collections held in the archive. 

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La Llorona

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