For Students

Helpful Sites and Information:

For Admissions, Registration, Financial Aid, and Paying Your Student Bill:

U Central
Brownsville — The Tower, Main 1.100, 956-882-8983
Edinburg — Student Services Building (ESSBL), 1st floor, 956-665-2999
Toll-free 888-882-4026

For Academic Advising, Courses and Degree Plans:

Academic Advising Center
Brownsville — The Tower, Main 1.400, 956-882-7362
Edinburg —Southwick Hall (ESOUH) 101A, 956-665-7120

For Student Involvement Opportunities, Counseling Services, and Student Accessibility Services:

Dean of Students
Brownsville — Cortez Hall (BCRTZ) 204, 956-882-5141
Edinburg — University Center (EUCTR) 323, 956-665-2260

For Veteran Educational Benefit Programs and Services:

Military and Veterans Success Center
Brownsville — Cortez Hall (BCRTZ) 224, 956-882-8980
Edinburg — University Center (EUCTR) 113, 956-665-7934

For International Student Support Services and Immigration:

International Admissions and Student Services
Brownsville — The Tower, Main 1.308, 956-882-7092
Edinburg — Student Academic Center (ESTAC) 3.128, 956-665-2922

For Emergency Loans:

Student Accounting Services/Emergency Loan Office
Brownsville — The Tower, Main 1.100, 956-882-7051
Edinburg — Mary Alice Shary Shivers (EMASS) 3.102, 956-665-2191 or 956-665-2723

Apply for emergency loans online at in ASSIST.

For New and Replacement UTRGV Student IDs:

V OneCard Office
Brownsville — University Library, 1st floor
Edinburg — Academic Services Building (EACSB) 1.101

Parking Permits and Shuttle Schedules/Maps:

Parking and Transportation Services
Brownsville — The Tower, Main 956-882-7051
Edinburg — Academic Support Facilities Complex (EASFC) 135, 956-665-2738 |

Visit and download the latest version of the Transportation
Guide for more information, schedules, and maps. Parking permits can be requested and paid online via