Emergency Loans

The Student Accounting Services department is responsible for processing, billing, and collecting on emergency loans, federal, or institutional student loans, received while attending The University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley.

To be eligible for an Emergency Tuition and Fee loan, students may not receive any other form of financial assistance and must be enrolled. The cost for the loan is an origination fee of 1% of the amount of each emergency tuition and fee loan.

Emergency Tuition and Fee Loans will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are exhausted or the processing period ends, whichever comes first. Any credits to your student account (for example, Financial Aid) must first be applied to any unpaid balance. If any additional charges are added to your student account after the initial Emergency Tuition and Fee Loan is entered, the loan will be increased to pay for the balance up to the 12 th class day. Below are the specific dates for requesting the a loan and it’s payment due date, based on the term you are applying.

To apply for an Emergency Tuition and Fee Loan online you must first sign up for the online access. You must show two forms of identification from the list below in order to be granted online access.

Primary ID:

  • State ID or License
  • Passport/VISA
  • Residency Card

Secondary ID:

  • Major Credit/Debit Card
  • Military ID
  • Social Security Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Voter’s Registration Card

Semester Processing Period Loan Due Date
Spring 2020 12/05/2019 thru 12/10/2020 04/01/2020
Spring 2020-Module I 12/06/2019 thru 01/14/2020 02/01/2020
Spring 2020-Module II 02/05/2020 thru 03/10/2020 04/01/2020
summer I 2020 04/06/2020 thru 06/19/2020 07/01/2020
Summer II 2020 07/06/2020 thru 07/29/2020 08/01/2020
Summer 2020-Module I 04/06/2020 thru 05/05/2020 06/01/2020
Summer 2020-Module II 06/04/2020 thru 06/30/2020 08/01/2020
Fall 2020 08/06/2020 thru 09/21/2020 11/01/2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, UTRGV has extended the payment deadlines for both the Emergency Loans and Installment Plans to June 1, 2020. The extensions are applicable for the contracts towards the Spring 2020 semester.  Please note that students will not be allowed to obtain another Emergency Loan or Installment agreement for a future term i.e. Summer or Fall 2020, until the Spring payment has been made in full. However, this will not prohibit students from registration for a future term.

Please contact our offices via phone, email, or at each of our campus locations at 956-665-2191 or 956-665-7824, email:  student_billing@utrgv.edu.


Due to THECB section 56.051, the Emergency Tuition Loan and Fees Loan will NOT pay for the following fees:

  • Field Placement Insurance
  • Dorm Refund Deposit
  • Medical Insurance Fee
  • Dorm Charges
  • Bronc Village or Casa Bella Late Fees
  • Service Charges (BV, Casa Bella, or Dorm)
  • Dorm, BV, Casa Bella deposit
  • Meal Plan Installment Charge
  • Meal Plans (BV, Casa Bella, or Dorm)
  • Citations
  • Parking Permit/Replacement Fee
  • Nurse Practicum Fee
  • Study Abroad Fee
  • Any other fee that is not tuition related

Questions on your Emergency Loans

If you have questions about your emergency loan, please contact an account representative at 956-665-2191 or 956-665-2723. Questions may also be sent to our e-mail address, LoanOffice@utrgv.edu. Our office is located in The Tower, Main 1.100 in Brownsville and the Mary Alice Shary Shivers (MASS) Building Room 3.102 in Edinburg.

Pay Your Emergency Loan

We currently have only 3 options:

1. Online on Assist

2. Stop by the Bursar’s Office in Brownsville (The Tower -MAIN 1.100) or Edinburg (SSBL 1.200)

3. Send your check or money order to:

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Bursar’s Office SSB 1.200
1201 W University Dr.
Edinburg, Texas 78541