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Mexican American Studies School of Interdisciplinary Programs and Community Engagement

Graduate Certificate

If you are not already enrolled in an existing degree program at UTRGV, please go to the following link to apply to the Mexican American Studies (Certificate)

If you are already enrolled in an existing degree program at UTRGV, please fill out the following application Graduate Certificate Application

We are proud to announce a new Graduate Certificate in Mexican American Studies. UTRGV's Mexican American Studies recognizes its role in this region in fostering unique opportunities for research focusing on the Mexican American experience. UTRGV graduate students will greatly benefit from doing work in Mexican American Studies with the receipt of a Graduate Studies Certificate. Mexican American Studies graduate students will be able to compete with other students from universities across the state and the nation. Completion of the certificate will position students as competitive job candidates in various fields including Humanities, Education, Law, Social Services, Communication, Health, among many others. These and other fields require a specialized knowledge in Mexican American Studies, as well as Master's Students wanting to pursue a PhD. Once the student fulfills the requirements, the certificate would be listed on their official transcript. Other requirements include:


  • 12 hours of Graduate coursework in Mexican American Studies from any discipline
  • No more than 6 Hours in any one discipline
  • Already accepted into a UTRGV graduate program
  • Students may count coursework from main program with permission of advisor
  • Fill-Out application: Click Here