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Mexican American Studies School of Interdisciplinary Programs and Community Engagement

Graduate Program

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Masters of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies in Mexican American Studies

The MAIS in MAS provides master’s students with a concentrated study in the transdisciplinary field of Mexican American Studies, including Chicana/o and Latina/o studies. Our location as a border institution in South Texas and the available resources (such as our numerous, established faculty in the fields of Mexican American studies and Chicana/o studies, and other academic resources, such as our growing Mexican American Studies program, and other institutional resources, such as the border studies archive) makes this an exciting program for UTRGV students. Many careers today in South Texas and nationally – including those in Education, Health, Social Services, Communication, Law, Humanities, among others – require students to have a specialized knowledge of the Mexican American community and experiences, due to regional and national demographic trends.

The MAS concentration in MAIS will strengthen your competitiveness in the job market in various fields. The MAIS in MAS, as evidenced by our Graduate Certificate student placement in PhD programs, will lead to continued and increased student placement in PhD programs in various fields, including in Chicana/o Studies, English, American Studies, Spanish, Education, among other programs, both state-wide and nationally. Ultimately, the interdisciplinary nature and culturally relevant curriculum of the MAIS in MAS, offers exciting, rich, and unique opportunities for UTRGV students and faculty engaged in research, experiential learning, and community engagement, related to Latina/o communities in South Texas and nationally.