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Three 1,500 square-foot buildings, each 24×64 feet



Coastal Studies has a new complex located on the southeastern point of Port Isabel, at the intersection of S. Garcia Street an Marina Drive, just before the swing bridge to Long Island Village.

The buildings are divided into two sections, one for each professor’s office and research laboratory. One of the half-building spaces is dedicated to a conference room and student work areas.

Comprising the SEEMS team are:

Professor David Hicks, Ph.D. Marine Biology, SEEMS director

Professor Hudson Deyoe, Ph.D. Biology

Dr. Deyoe’s research is concentrated on the impact of coastal watersheds on coastal waters of south Texas, with particular focus on the effects of nutrient loading on the coastal vegetation and algae in the Laguna Madre.

Associate Professor John Breier, Ph.D. Marine Science

Associate Professor Carlos Cintra, Ph.D. Plant Biology

Dr. Cintra’s lab research focuses on environmental reconstructions and biological responses to environmental changes using paleoecological and ecological techniques. Working with Cintra are three graduate and four undergraduate students, some of which are required to SCUBA dive to collect samples.

Assistant Professor Richard Kline, Ph.D. Marine Science

Download Port Isabel Coastal Studies Map (136KB PDF)

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